6 New Year Resolutions for Your 2020 Pickleball Game

Ah, the beginning of a brand new decade. I say bring it on!

Here are 6  New Year’s Resolutions for your pickleball life and YES, they will improve your game in 2020.

1.  Try New Things

Practice shots you don’t usually make time for. How about a few around the post shots? Maybe some dink lobs? If you don’t try it in practice, odds are you won’t pull it off when the shot presents itself in a match. During a 2-3 hour play session I have one or two shots in mind that I want to practice so I work those shots into my play. For example a dink lob, I need to make sure I have the right opportunity to try it and then give it 100% effort. I bet you’ll be pleased with the results when you practice new shots.

2. Don’t Hit Out Balls

An out ball is a ball that would travel out of bounds if allowed to do so. When you are on the kitchen line (non-volley line) and the ball is traveling toward you  “Above chest high, let it fly” or “Shoulder high, let it fly.”  This is big and stay tuned for an upcoming how-to on this topic. I am including this one because, I too, have hit my share of out balls.

3.  Travel and Explore New Pickleball Courts

Everywhere we go we experience how inviting and awesome pickleball people are. It’s easy to get into your own routine, but who knows what remarkable individuals you may meet at a different venue; you will for sure find new friends and you may even find a new partner. Cross town, hop to a different state or even venture to another country. Feed your pickleball addiction! Here are a few places I will be enjoying in 2020 – JOIN ME 🙂

England Tour Scotland Tour  /  Clinic in Ohio  / Bainbridge Island


4.  Stay Healthy, Fit, Eat Well and Do Your Physical Therapy

You’ve probably heard the saying “Getting old isn’t for sissies.” Those aches and pains just take longer to go away; yes I know this well. That is why I added the physical therapy part. If physical therapy is the road to get back to injury free you HAVE TO MAKE THE TIME and do those exercises. If you are injury free, take time to stretch and warm up before jumping on the court cold. No excuses in 2020, do what it takes to make you feel great. For some it’s eating better, others may need to improve mobility while others could improve with better endurance. Endurance is a big part of being fit and, in the pickleball tournament world, endurance is a must if you are going for gold. Do yourself a favor and work on your fitness/endurance and health and you’ll be able to enjoy even more pickleball.

5.  Socialize Before and After Games

Make a point to join your pickleball pals for off-court fun. It’s awesome to learn what everyone does (or did) in their professional lives. Actually I find this so interesting; you may only know “George” as a player in your group, but when you find out what he actually has accomplished in life, it can lead to some amazing stories.

6.  Have Fun

Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. I know you’ve heard that before, but many of us still sweat the small things. Sure, it’s great to win, but not at the cost of getting upset with yourself, your partner or even your opponents. There’s enough turmoil in our daily lives, let’s keep the pickleball court our “fun” haven.

Remember, it’s never too late to make improvements to your pickleball game. Even resolution procrastinators can get started with these 6 points. It’s so much more fun being healthy, happy and seeing improvement in your game!

Cheers to YOU and all the fun 2020 will bring!

11 comments on “6 New Year Resolutions for Your 2020 Pickleball Game”

  1. Going to Puerto Villarta first week in February. Staying at Marriott, any ideas as to where two guys who love the game can play

  2. I have just read History of Pickleball.
    The book is entertaining and offer a great review of the origins of the sport.
    I am aware of a couple of theories about the origins of the name: the name of the family dog and the name of the last boat coming to dock. Neither theory is too convincing to me.
    Reading the book I learned that the original balls (Cosmos Company) used by Barney McCollum, were GREEN. Could this be the reason for the Pickle-Ball name?
    The National Observer article: “If It’s Green, It Must Be Pickle Ball” would suggest a clue.
    Unfortunately the book does not discuss the origins of the name.

    1. Hello Armando, I am glad you enjoyed the book. Our goal was to present only the facts, convincing or not. Barney McCallum has always been 100% clear on the naming of the game – it was from Pickles the dog.

  3. Hello Jennfier, Thank you for sharing your 2020 resolution. Great points to start practice these and to make it a point play when in court!

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