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  • History of Pickleball Book

    History of Pickleball: More Than 50 Years of Fun!

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    Pickleball’s Only History Book – Get Your Autographed Copy!

    In this book, you’ll get answers to all your burning questions.

    Pickleball? How did they come up with such a funny name? Where and how did it all start? Why is it the fastest growing sport in the world?

    Why is the game so appealing to all age groups? and so darn FUN?

    2020 brings another winner award – NIEA for this best seller. Authors Jennifer (2019 Inductee into the Pickleball Hall of Fame) and Beverly, her mother and one of the first USAPA Ambassadors, spent years researching and gathering stories from the founders and pioneers of the sport around the world, as well as pulling from their personal experiences to bring you a fascinating and entertaining compilation of pickleball history. 

    USA Pickleball endorsement:A book that is as vital to our game as the paddle, ball, net, lines, and third shot – Jennifer Lucore and Beverly Youngren have given us the story of our game’s history.”  Read more book reviews/endorsements at: History of Pickleball – Reviews. 

    In stock book order(s) will include an autographed copy and an option for the author(s) to handwrite your custom inscription and receive a bookmark.

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