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Jennifer Lucore is here to share her pickleball adventures, playing tips, tournaments from around the world, and of course, to make you smile!

Jennifer is a professional pickleball player, a global ambassador, and 2019 Inductee into the Pickleball Hall of Fame (Yep, there is such a thing 🙂  it’s news!) Her numerous GOLD medal championships include 17-time USAPA Nationals, 11-time Canadian Nationals, 6-time Huntsman World Senior Games, 6-time International Tournaments, 4-time Tournament of Champions, and many golds at the US Open Pickleball Championships and one at the new National Pickleball event.

In March 2018 she coauthored, with her mom, the sports first-ever history book: The History of Pickleball – More Than 50 Years of Fun!

Jennifer Lucore is the sports first “sponsored” pickleball player. In 2012 she was “sponsored” to play for Pickle-Ball Inc. of Seattle, WA. At that time there were a few players that could also be considered sponsored although they (or their parents) had ownership of a paddle or ball manufacturing company.

Jennifer is an influencer, an international pickleball blogger and continues to help pickleball grow by currently volunteering:

  • Pickleball Magazine – Board Member and Around The Post column co-contributor
  • International Federation of Pickleball (IFP) World Ambassador at Large
  • USA Pickleball Ambassador at Large (since June 2015)
  • International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association (IPTPA) – Founding member

Jennifer Lucore’s first exposure to pickleball was in 2007 when she was vacationing with her family and met up with her parents, Bob and Bev Youngren, in Bend, OR, for a fun family tournament. There she saw how all ages can compete and have a great time together. She attended the very first USAPA Nationals in 2009 for a mini-vacation, and to just watch her parents compete. In 2010 she started playing and from there caught the love and passion for the game and the people that play.

Through pickleball, Jennifer has been able to travel and meet great friends all around the USA; and internationally Canada, Caribbean, Costa Rica, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, Europe, Spain, Singapore, and Thailand. In 2021 she will resume traveling the world to promote and teach pickleball.

Her personal life: She is a marketing consultant, married with two daughters, just purchased an RV for travel and is a SENIOR (pickleball senior is age 50+) Woohoo! Jennifer plays pickleball 2-3 times a week, and a bit more when getting ready for a big tournament. Her hometown courts are Melba Bishop Park in Oceanside, CA and Castle Creek Country Club in Escondido, CA.  Read more about Jennifer’s accomplishments here!

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