Ben Johns Backhand Roll Shot – his favorite!

POSTED: February 27, 2024  |  2/27/24

Ben Johns Backhand Roll Shot – his favorite!

First of all, how unique it is that the number one player in the world creates a free video on exactly how he hits his favorite and oh-so-effective winning shot. Awesome! All his competitors are taking notes (as are we). This is just another reminder of why pickleball is such a special sport, so many givebacks, sharing, and helping others.

So, let’s check out exactly how Ben Johns sets up for the shot with a step-by-step tutorial on how to hit the backhand roll shot. In the video, he also explains the difference between the roll and flick and explains why a flick can be more difficult.

I do love the mental reminder of “motorcycle throttle.”

Watch, learn, practice, a bit more practice and BAM – WIN! Thanks Ben!

Fun Fact:

In 2017, when Ben Johns was still in high school, he came out to San Diego, CA for a tournament. I hosted him at my home along with other players. It was fun to get to know this home-school kid with a big family. He has lots of sisters who helped shape his music and singing skills which we belted out during our car ride karaoke (these videos still yet to be made public, ha! Oh, and yes, my side-kick Alex Hamner was there too, the singing TRIO). If you’ve been around pickleball for a long time, you have the pleasure of knowing players and companies BEFORE. Before Ben was pickleballs world #1, breaking all the records both in play and income opportunities, he was curious of the sport – no one actually introduced him to the sport, he just thought it looked cool and gave it a try. Started hitting with his mom on their local court, and then looked at what happened. Keep on going Ben!

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