Custom grip

I was on the court the other day and my friend Keith had a nice fuzzy grip on his paddle… So after I razzed him about it, I looked closely and realized that it was actually a really cool yet simple idea. To add some padding but mostly to absorb sweat he used a strip of terry cloth fabric, cut in two – three inch strip and wrap over your grip. Secure the strip at the bottom of the paddle and overlap each section until you reach the top of the grip, cut the end at an angle – then wrap with electrical tape…. Feel free to mix it up with colored terry cloth fabric and/or electrical tape and the price is cheap!


Great share Keith for the custom grip on a pickleball paddle!

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  1. Jennifer,
    After the Pro lessons, we talked about the number of players playing pickleball in the Villages on Sunday morning. 500 would probably be a more realistic estimation. On Monday thru Saturday mornings, the number would rise up into the 800+ range.

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