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Ben Johns Backhand Roll Shot – his favorite!

POSTED: February 27, 2024  |  2/27/24 Ben Johns Backhand Roll Shot – his favorite! First of all, how unique it is that the number one player in the world creates a free video on exactly

Naples Fun Festival and PBX

POSTED: November 11, 2023  |  11/11/23 Several fun events are happening at Naples Pickleball Center, Naples, Florida December 7 – 10, 2023. JOIN THE FUN and check these both out: #1 Come and have

Pickleball’s Historic Court Number One

POSTED: August 21, 2023  |  8/21/23    Authors: Alex Hamner and Jennifer Lucore So … about Seattle. The last weekend of July held the first professional tour tournament in Washington State, hosted by the PPA.

National Pickleball League Makes History Combine 50+

Posted: April 5, 2023  |  4/5/2023 The National Pickleball League (NPL) made history by holding its inaugural combine in search of athletes 50 years of age or older. This combine was the first ever, not

Get Pickled Tonight!

Tonight — November 17th, 2022 — Pickleball fan Stephen Colbert anchors the CBS special “Pickled,” where celebrities square off playing our favorite sport. Check it out and set your DVRs (9 EST/PST, check your local

CBS Sunday Morning Pickleball
Pickleball on CBS Sunday Morning

Sunday, August 7, 2022, CBS Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley will feature a segment on pickleball. Time to schedule your TV recorder or watch it live. This is another first in the pickleball world; more

PIckleball Tour in Malaga Spain

Ready to get out of town? Play more pickleball and explore some of Spain’s most magical areas? Now is your opportunity. Join me for a pickleball tour of Spain this September 24 to October 2,

Use it or Lose it

January, the beginning of another year… Where does the time go? I do hope you continue to find LOTS of time for FUN on the pickleball courts this year. Bring on the laughter, friendships, competition

Halloween Decorations with Pickleballs

Halloween decorations with pickleballs are FUN! Here are a few great ideas on reusing broken pickleballs. Save those broken pickleballs and use them throughout the year on cool crafts. The photo above: these scary Halloween

Do as I say, not as I just did

During my 12 years of enjoying pickleball, I’ve ALWAYS made it a priority to warm up before I play. Really, every single time. When I teach, I always find a few minutes to preach about

Naples Pickleball Center – Pickleball Capital of the World

Posted: 5/27/2021  |  May 27, 2021 Did you know that the world’s largest pickleball venue has 60 permanent courts and is located in the top travel destination of Naples, Florida? Yes, it’s true, with 60

pickleball basics
Setting the Basics Straight – Must Read for All Players

With the exploding growth of our wonderful game, it’s time to get a few basic things straight for all the new players (and some seasoned players as well). It is time to set the basics

2021 USA Pickleball Rulebooks

Posted: 1/10/2021 | January 10, 2021 Here it is, as promised in my last blog post (Rule Changes), links to the 2021 Pickleball Rulebooks. Originally USA Pickleball was going to post these website links mid

2021 USA Pickleball Rule Changes

Updated:  12/20/2020 | December 20, 2020 The dawn of a new year will always bring change. In the pickleball world, this change comes in the form of new and updated rules. The 2021 USA Pickleball

Halloween and Pickleball

Halloween pickleball crafts and decorations Save and reuse your broken pickleballs throughout the year on cool crafts. Above – these scary decorations hung along the fence, net and pickleball net posts where I play in

Hydrate Everyday

Face it, every day we need to pay attention to our bodies and make sure we are hydrating – So Hydrate Everyday! Pickleball players seem to fall into one of these two categories; home (neighborhood

Good Things about Pickleball During COVID

Updated: 9/28/20 | September 28, 2020 Wherever you are in the world, your pickleball play has likely changed starting about mid-March 2020. So, what’s good about our new normal in the world of pickleball …

pickleball lob
Pickleball Lob – All You Need to Know

Posted: 9/15/2020 | September 15th, 2020 A pickleball lob is an effective and necessary shot to have and is used at all levels of play … yes even the pro’s lob. For years I have

Pickleball Camps are Back!

Pickleball Camps are back – for a current listing of camps, clinics and pickleball fun, go to: Pickleball Destinations to Learn Original Post: 8/21/20  |  August 21, 2020 Pickleball play, camps and lessons are coming back!

best pickleball drill
Best Pickleball Drill

Here is the Best Pickleball Drill you can do to improve your game and win more points. Yes, this drill is used by many professional pickleball players, gold medal champions, and I simply call it

I Wanna Dink With Somebody

I Wanna Dink With Somebody Video – Behind the Scenes I just love this catchy tune and video! You may have seen this video making the rounds on social media early April 2020, if not

When Will Play Resume? Let’s Hear from Some of Our Leaders

A few days ago I asked my blog subscribers what did they want to learn more about? Quite a few asked, “When will play resume?” Today is April 22, 2020. The world is a different

Pickleball Play Facts During COVID

For those of you who’ve not seen this COVID-19 pickleball video, it’s great information from a health care professional AND avid pickleball player. The creator, Hank Weiss, PhD, MH, MS – Epidemiologist understands our desire

Pickleball Drills at Home

Who would have believed that March 2020 would relegate us to near home isolation, “social distancing” and the dreaded pickleball withdrawals? Obviously, pickleball is just a game and COVID is serious business, but pickleball is

6 New Year Resolutions for Your 2020 Pickleball Game

Ah, the beginning of a brand new decade. I say bring it on! Here are 6  New Year’s Resolutions for your pickleball life and YES, they will improve your game in 2020. 1.  Try New Things

Pickleball Christmas Decorations
Pickleball Christmas Decorations and Poem

Tis the season for more pickleball holiday decorations and a Christmas pickleball poem. I love this season! The above pickleball decorations are from Jackie (Bend, OR), Janet (NJ), Somchai (CA)and Richelle. And, if you need

Barney McCallum – A Wonderful Life

The pickleball world has lost its last living founder, inventor and a pioneer of this great sport. Barney McCallum passed away at his home in Seattle, WA on Monday, November 18, 2019. He was 93

Top 7 Third Shot Drop Videos

The third shot drop is arguably the most difficult, yet one of the most important shots to master in the game of pickleball. So, I’ve gathered my top video picks to help YOU view, learn

Largest Prize Pool in Pickleball

We are weeks away from the 2019 Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championships, and again this tournament will offer the largest prize pool to date for the sport of pickleball. Last year they were the largest

pickleball safari
Pickleball Safari in Kenya

Is an authentic African safari on your bucket list? Now’s your chance! Travel in June 2020, on the first-ever Pickleball Safari for the opportunity to see the untamed wildlife of Kenya while playing pickleball on

Beat the Heat | Tournament Tips and Lessons Learned

Have you competed in really high temperatures with humidity and your body tells you it’s done halfway through? I would like to share my experience with heat exhaustion at a mid-September pickleball tournament. Be sure

Wish Barney McCallum a Happy Birthday

Updated: 5/21/20 | May 21, 2020. Original post: July 2019 This was a very popular post because how often in a lifetime do you get a chance to send a birthday message to a co-founder

Pickleball in Singapore

Pickleball in Singapore is alive and well. Following my Thailand adventure, I caught a quick flight to the diverse island of Singapore to explore, meet new pickleball players and teach a few clinics. Wow, this

Get Ready for the US Open Pickleball Championships

The US Open Pickleball Championships are only ONE week away! If you’re going, are you ready? So many things both mentally and physically to do to get ready for competition. One could probably write a

Pickleball Terms

Updated: 4/7/2019 | April 7, 2019 Learning pickleball terms or some say pickleball terminology or definitions is another important part of learning how to play the game. I’ve been blogging about pickleball since 2012 –

Pickleball in Thailand

Yes, pickleball is in Thailand. This was my first journey to this unique and beautiful area. I was there with Daniel Moore of Pickleball Trips for their first (love those firsts) Exotic Thailand Pickleball Tour.

Raving Review of The History of Pickleball

At the 2018 USA Pickleball National Championships, I met Chris Koentges, an ESPN writer and more, who was there researching pickleball. Of course, we joyfully talked about the history of pickleball and Chris got an

Pickleball in Baja California, Sur

Last month I visited another FIRST – Tres Palapas Pickleball Resort. First, because Tres Palapas was the first big, fancy, pickleball club in Baja California, Sur – located in Southern Baja on the Sea of

7 New Year’s Resolutions for your Pickleball Life

It’s that time of the year – New Year Resolutions for your pickleball life. 2018 was an eventful year in the pickleball world, and there’s no reason to think that 2019 will be any different.

Defeating Diabetes by Dinking with Pickleball

Updated: 1/6/2019 | January 6, 2019 With over 4 million people playing pickleball in the US, we know many of those players are professionals in their respective fields. One of those experts in the healthcare field

Christmas Decorations with Pickleballs

Updated: 12/21/2018 | December 21, 2018 I’m assuming your home is decorated and you’re finishing up those holiday gifts and crafts. Well, in case you are running behind and need some ideas or want a

Nationals $75,000 Prize Money Breakdown

2018 Nationals is in the books. Wow! And this year’s Nationals was a step-up for our sport in so many ways. One being that a title sponsor, Margaritaville, stepped in and provided the largest prize

Thankful for Health from Pickleball

With Thanksgiving brings the yearly reflection of thankfulness and health generally is one of the top things people are thankful for. For many, pickleball has become the force multiplier for better health—physical and mental. I

Pickleball in Huntsman World Senior Games

  Little Valley Pickleball Complex, St. George, UT. 2003 was the first year that pickleball joined in at Huntsman World Senior Games (HWSG) in St. George, UT. The Games are held for two weeks yearly

Plantar Fasciitis – Pain, Prevention, Treatment

“I was out playing pickleball yesterday and experienced some discomfort on the bottom of my right foot. I knew right away what it was; a mild case of plantar fasciitis. The plantar fascia ligament is

Pickleball Tour in Thailand

I’m excited to announce that in February 2019 I’ll be in Thailand for a pickleball tour and tournament. I will be teaming up with Daniel Moore for another awesome sightseeing and pickleball tour. Experience one

tournament day
Make Your Tournament Day Progress Faster

Another tournament, another long day… Whether you are new to pickleball or a seasoned player you need to realize that tournaments often take all day–and sometimes night! Yes, all day meaning you have an 8am

First Server, Only One Serve

The other day I received a question from a subscriber and reader of my (and my mom’s) book. Here’s the question: “Why does the first serving team (in doubles) only get one serve rotation? I

Spell Pickleball Correctly, Pretty Please

In the summer of 2018, in the same week, pickleball graced both the front page of USA Today and Kim Kardashians’ Instagram story. Yes, USA Today got the spelling correct which can sometimes be a

Pickleball Pro-Am, a Great Combination for Charity

Pickleball Pro-Am, a great combination for charity!  The Pro-Am concept teams a professional player with an amateur to compete and create income for wonderful charities that are being supported by the event/tournament. This is a

Japan and Pickleball go Hand in Hand

Japan was introduced to pickleball in 2014, and it truly seems like a perfect fit. Most play in Japan is indoors because almost every gym is already lined for badminton courts. Badminton lines share the

2018 US Open Pickleball Championships RECAP

The third US Open Pickleball Championships held in Naples, Florida is now in the record books! Each year this tournament has shattered the record for the most participants in any single tournament. This year’s record

Give Me The Ball

Give me the ball! You’ll be amazed what this simple trick can do for your game. It can make you more aware, engaged, focused, and ultimately, it can set you up for hitting the next

Hey, Did You Hear Your Name Called?

Here’s an interesting observation I had at the US Open Pickleball Championships a few weeks ago. Over the week span of tournament play, I had over 20 WOMEN say to me, “hey, did you hear

History of Pickleball – More Than 50 Years of Fun!

Yes, the first ever history book on the sport of pickleball is finally done! This three-year journey with my mom (co-author Beverly Youngren) has definitely been a challenge but we did it – Hellooooooo History

Do You Have a Dead Pickleball Paddle?

Maybe you’ve heard it? Maybe you’ve felt it? A different sound … a different feel to your paddle. Sometimes you hit the “sweet spot” on your paddle and it feels great, other times the ball

Prize Money, Men & Women, Seniors & Open, Players Beware

  While planning for the 2018 pickleball tournament season, I thought it would be prudent to share this article that Alex Hamner and I wrote for Pickleball Magazine (Prize Money, Men & Women, Seniors &

Myths About Being in the Kitchen

Alex tells me to show up at the church courts and be ready to play in the kitchen. Well, that is exactly what we did in the making of this fun Pickleball 411 video with

Join Me at the Japan Pickleball Tour in May 2018!

I’m excited to announce that I will be joining national champion, Daniel Moore, in Japan next May to run an awesome sightseeing and pickleball tour! The tour will take you through Tokyo, Osaka, Yamanouchi, Saku and

Pickleball Battle of the Sexes at Bobby Riggs Tennis Center

We all witnessed (or know of) the iconic 1973 Battle of the Sexes between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs. Inspired by the new “Battle of the Sexes” movie now in theaters, we have our

There’s No Dinking in Pickleball

Don’t you love that title? There’s no dinking in pickleball. Well the funny thing is, at both the 2017 Bainbridge Cup and the Spanish Open in Madrid, Spain several “confused” European players came up to

Bainbridge Cup in Spain
The Bainbridge Cup in Madrid, Spain

Another first in the history of pickleball – The Bainbridge Cup. Madrid, Spain showcased this one-day competition which placed Team North America (USA/Canada) against Team Europe for a day of high-spirited enthusiasm and intense competition.

European Pickleball Tour

Posted: 9/19/2017 | September 19, 2017 The First European Pickleball Tour with the Professional Pickleball Federation (PPF) just wrapped up! Everywhere I went the smiles and open arms of fellow pickleball players and our hosts

Get Rhythm and Get Better!

Rhythm – some players have it; some players don’t.  Improve your service rhythm and you could get better! A rhythm or routine for your serve can drastically improve your serve’s consistency, power and placement.  This

What Would You Do? Missed Serve

What would you do in your pickleball game with a missed serve? Here is a great question that I thought I’d have my super duper, great doubles partner Alex Hamner help me out and share

Pickleball in Canada

The 6th Pickleball Canada National Tournament has come and gone. The tournament was a huge success with 440 players from throughout Canada and 16 U.S. states battling for gold. Ages of players ranged from 14 to

Pickleball and Parkinson’s

POSTED: 6/12/2017 | June 12, 2017 In a few weeks there will be a tournament in Pittsburgh, PA benefiting the Parkinson Foundation of Western Pennsylvania. As you know there are more and more tournaments for

PPF Rocky Mountain Championships

The second—of the 2017 four tournament series—Professional Pickleball Federation (PPF) Rocky Mountain Championships tournament was held Memorial Day Weekend in Brigham City, Utah at Rees Pioneer Park which provides breathtaking views of the majestic Wasatch

Pickleball in Costa Rica

Pickleball is quickly growing around the world including in Costa Rica Check out the photos below Posted: 5/25/2017  |  May 25, 2017 Just finished a week-long pickleball tour in the towns of Jaco and San

Join Me for a Pickleball Clinic

Here’s your opportunity to learn from Jennifer Lucore (yours truly), Alex Hamner and Bob Youngren all in the same pickleball clinic. We figured out we are all in town this day and wanted to pass

What to Pack for a Big Pickleball Tournament

What to pack for a big pickleball tournament? While some of you may be packing and getting ready to travel far others may be planning to venture to your local tournament…. Where ever your BIG

PPF Mens Singles Pro

The first Professional Pickleball Federation (PPF) Championships tournament is in the record books. Wow, another milestone for our sport, it’s fans and the pros that play. The venue was a few hours drive, so away

US Open Tempest Wave Giveaway ($230 value)

I’m teaming up with Paddletek to give away a US Open Tempest Wave paddle to (2) lucky winners! Each paddle is valued at $115, with the Limited Edition Design in honor of the upcoming Pickleball

Pickleball Advice from 60 Minutes

Each Sunday, I enjoy watching CBS News’ 60 Minutes program, and last night, a particular quote JUMPED RIGHT OUT at me while watching a segment on chess – and I thought that’s just like pickleball!

Call it! Talk with your Pickleball Partner

The 2017 Grand Canyon Games (Arizona State Games) is in the record books. This was my sixth year in a row heading to this tournament. In fact, besides Nationals in the past this was one

Cover of 2017 Pickleball Magazine

Alex Hamner and I made the cover of the January/February 2017 Pickleball Magazine. We are honored and keep laughing at the photo that made the cover. We both vividly remember that point and can’t believe

Time Out – Let’s Dance

Time outs in pickleball tournament play can be a big deal. So many things can happen in the one-minute rest and regroup. I just came across a video clip I had taken from the stands as

Durango CO Pickleball and Beer

For those of you who have introduced pickleball in your community or favorite vacation spot – this short story happens countless times throughout the world as the plans to introduce pickleball in a new area

What Did the Gold Medalists Learn at Nationals VIII?

Just because you win a medal it doesn’t mean you didn’t learn something from a tournament…  This was our story in Pickleball Magazine – December 2016. Alex Hamner and I write the column Around the

Jennifer’s Favorite Things – Pickleball 2016

Yep, if Oprah can have her yearly favorite things, I thought why can’t I? Jennifer’s favorite things – pickleball 2016. Tis the season of giving and celebration – and why wouldn’t you give your favorite

Thankful for Pickleball

I am thankful for pickleball, are you? Yes, I am thankful for pickleball just like thousands of other players around the world. This sport brings people together, provides a place for active and heathy participation

Pickleball Boot Camp – One Day

  Join me for a Pickleball Boot Camp – One Day Taught by (yours truly) Jennifer Lucore, Alex Hamner and Bob Youngren Yes, this is rare that we are all together to teach you! Kick

My First Huntsman World Senior Games

I was granted access to the club – I attained senior status in the pickleball world (age 50). Woohoo! So of course with that milestone I was thrilled to attend my first Huntsman World Senior

Tournament of Champions 2016 – Mixed Doubles Final

The Tournament of Champions (TOC) Mixed Doubles Masters finals didn’t disappoint. Great points emerged as both teams fought for the win. The teams were Wesley Gabrielsen and Sarah Ansboury vs. Rafael Siebenschein and Simone Jardim.

tournament of champions
Tournament of Champions 2016 – Men’s Doubles Final

Tucked in the beautiful mountains of Brigham City, Utah, Pickleball’s Tournament of Champions 2016 is in the books with yet another weekend of the highest level of pickleball to be found. Prize money of $46,000

Send Barney a Birthday Card

The last surviving founder of pickleball, Barney McCallum, turns 90 years old in September, so let’s send Barney a birthday card.  Doesn’t that sound FUN! If you’d like to join in this birthday celebration just

Lessons Learned on the Pickleball Court – Opponent’s Outburst

During my play in a recent USAPA sanctioned tournament, I was reminded of my past lessons learned and wanted to share with you, so IF YOU happen to run into the same scenarios then you

Winner Winner… No Dinner

I have told the following story a few times to pickleball players over dinner and drinks, and every time it gets a laugh and they say I should share the story on my blog… so

Video International Pickleball Tournament 2016

Yep, I put together a video of the weekend of fun at the International Pickleball Tournament 2016 in Amsterdam. So many great points and fun photos to share condensed in 6 minutes – at the

Smart Pickleball Third Shot Drop

Third shot drop… Figure that shot out, practice it, use it as one of your many shot options and then you’ll be playing some smart pickleball! What is the third shot drop? The third shot

International Pickleball Tournament 2016

The 2nd International Pickleball Tournament 2016 held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands is now in the record books. Wow, the players from around the world were great! And, I had the opportunity to reconnect with several

US Open Clinics and Beyond the Courts…

Another pickleball first is in the books. The first ever US Open Pickleball Championships in Naples, FL is complete – recorded as the largest pickleball tournament to date. I had the opportunity to teach a

CBS Sports Network to Televise Pickleball

The MINTO US Open Pickleball Championships will be televised this Friday, May 20th at 7pm eastern, and again Monday, May 23rd at 7pm eastern. This national TV coverage on the CBS Sports Network (CBSSN) will bring

US Open Pickleball Championship Men’s Pro Singles

YouTube video Yes, the first ever US Open Pickleball Championship tournament is over – and most players survived… barely. The end of April and beginning of May make for some warm and humid weather in

Inventor of the Rotating Paddle Holder

Let me introduce you to the inventor of this rotating paddle holder – Lon Jones! Many of us have encountered the challenge of open play and keeping track of who’s next up and who’s in

US Open Pickleball Championships

Are your bags packed and ready to go? Minto US Open Pickleball 2016 Championships will be held in Naples, Florida, April 26 – May 1, 2016. Come experience another first for the sport of pickleball!

Women's Doubles 50+ GOLD Pickleball
15 Shots to Kitchen Line

The Pickleball Channel uploaded this video, that shows how it took Alex Hamner and me 15 shots to make it to the kitchen line (24 more shots to win)  straight to their Facebook page on

Basics of Pickleball

Basics of pickleball with shot #1, #2 and #3. Here’s some pickleball insight from Keith James: Use it or lose it–your choice. The rules of pickleball were crafted to limit de facto the options for the

Southwest Airlines Pickleball Travel

Southwest Airlines pickleball travel – when I think of pickleball airlines travel, I think of Stephanie Lane! With all that traveling, she knows how to get the best deal on flights to all the pickleball

Huntsman World Games Pickleball Registrations Closed

Huntsman World Senior Games opened registration for pickleball and it quickly filled up in the same day. To be exact Mixed Doubles filled up in 27 minutes – WOW! For those of us that love

Spell Pickleball

Pickleball, pickleball, pickle ball, PickleBall or pickle-ball? How do you correctly spell pickleball? Why? Because I see a lot of new, energetic players on social media sharing this awesome sport (love that!) – yet they

Winner of Paddle Giveaways

Did you enter the free giveaways promoted by Viva Spain Pickleball Tours? Remember there are TWO winners and each will receive a free pickleball paddle and a beautiful book about Barcelona, Spain ($90 value each).

Hitting an Opponent

Tagging is hitting an opponent on purpose to win a point. The knee jerk reaction at nearly all levels of play is “Tagging is just part of the game.”  And, of course, hitting opponents with

hilary marold pickleball
Pickleball Singles with Hilary Marold

Are you still thinking about this past Nationals VII? Did you play singles? If yes, then I say good job to you! Pickleball singles is a challenge in so many ways (as I have shared

Pickleball Magazine
Pickleball Magazine

Yes, it’s official – the first-ever Pickleball Magazine is ready for the world to see. This is the official magazine of the USAPA (USA Pickleball Association) and will be sent to its 10,000 members and

50 Years of Pickleball
Pickleball Turns 50

This year marked the golden anniversary of pickleball, and while some celebrations and festivities happened, there were not as many as I thought would have, or had even hoped for. I think it is a big

USAPA Nationals Open Women Singles
USAPA Nationals Open Women Singles- Talk with Bonnie and Alex

Playing singles in pickleball can be so challenging, both mentally and physically. And yes I said physically- for all those non-pickleball players that wonder how can pickleball singles on that smaller court be tough? How

Spain Pickleball
Play Pickleball in Barcelona

Posted: 12/13/2015  | December 13, 2015 As many of you know, this past September my parents (Bob & Bev Youngren) and I visited Madrid, Spain for 9 days for a fun-packed pickleball tour and the

Bantam Paddletek Paddle
Winner of Paddletek’s Bantam TS-5 Paddle

Do you remember entering the Giveaway for Paddletek’s newest paddle – the Bantam TS-5? If so, thanks! Drum roll please……… Congratulations to Ed Voelker, from Surprise, AZ for being the winner! What a great holiday gift for

group pickleball castle creek
Pickleball – My Happiness Project

I just finished reading the book, The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, and kept thinking about Pickleball throughout the chapters. My 23-year old daughter had this book, and suggested I borrow it for my travels to

Bantam Paddletek Paddle
Bantam TS-5 Pickleball Paddle Giveaway ($85 value)

I am excited to have another pickleball paddle giveaway just in time for the holidays. Paddletek’s newest Bantam TS-5. This new paddle is a lighter version of the popular Bantam EX-L. Enter your chance to win!

USAPA Nationals VII Mens Open Singles
USAPA Nationals VII Mens Open Singles Final

USAPA Nationals VII Mens Open Singles Final. This 2015 pickleball final shows Marcin Rozpedski (dark blue shirt) vs. Daniel Moore (white shirt). This final was delayed one day due to rain. The weather during this

Pickleball Nationals
USAPA Nationals LIVE from Arizona

That’s right- for the first time ever- USAPA is providing a FREE live stream broadcast of the Nationals VII Open and Senior Open Days on November 13, 14, and 15th. You are able to watch matches from USAPA

What to Pack for a Big Tournament

USAPA Nationals is only days away – What to pack for a big tournament? While some of you may be packing and getting ready for Nationals, other may be planning to venture to your local

Trader Joe's Snacks
Pickleball Players’ Favorite Trader Joe’s Items

As many of us have been witness to, Trader Joe’s has amazing, healthy products that are perfect snacks and meals on and off the pickleball court! I took a poll from pickleball friends all over

International Pickleball Tournament 2015, Part 2 of 2

Here is part two of the fun had at the International Pickleball Tournament 2015! (In case you missed it, here is Part One). Feel free to share this with your pickleball friends. In September over

International Pickleball Tournament Spain
International Pickleball Tournament 2015, Part 1 of 2

Hello pickleball world! With players from 10 countries participating, the first annual International Pickleball Tournament 2015 held in Madrid, Spain is now in the history books. This was an extra special pickleball adventure for me

Tennis RIP – Pickleball is the Sport

Recently, Allie and I played tennis for the first time in over a year with our two best buds. Our friends are excellent tennis players.  She has played highly successful competitive tennis for over sixty-five

Pickleball Sun
Traveling Utah to Spain and Italy

Posted: 10/15  | October 2015  I am sure behind in my blog posts for jennifer’s pickleball blog…. so much of the world to see and such sad internet connections from land and the cruise ship

2015 Pickleball Canada Eastern Nationals
2015 Pickleball Canada Eastern Nationals

The July 2015 Pickleball Canada Eastern Nationals are in the record books. I’ve heard that both the West and East events were huge successes with a combined total of 550 players who traveled from all

Happy 50th Birthday to Pickleball

Happy 50th birthday pickleball! Just think 50 years ago pickleball was created by families having fun one summer day on Bainbridge Island, WA. To celebrate this milestone Alex Hamner and I made the trek to

Dinking Strategy Pickleball
Pickleball Dinking Strategies

Many players have asked me where they can find a pickleball dinking strategy guide, a resource to help them on when and where to dink. I could guess that there are pickleball teachers and writers

Movie Quotes with Pickleball Twist

Time for a fun quiz – Movie quotes with a pickleball twist!  Can you identify the movies from which came the following quotes given a pickleball twist? Have Fun 🙂  

VIVA Spain pickleball tour
Viva Spain Pickleball Tour – 4 spots just opened!

Mike Hess and Jennifer Lucore UPDATED December 2022 | 12/22   ORIGINAL POST August 2015 | 8/15 Interesting in exploring Spain and playing pickleball? Then check out this updated website and tour information with owner and

Winner of Paddletek’s Tempest Paddle

Do you remember entering the Giveaway for Paddletek’s newest paddle – the Tempest?               If so, thanks! Drum roll please……… Congratulations to Karen Pallon for being the winner! Via

One More Snack and One More Pickleball Game

Do you remember the old adage “Wait one hour after eating before going in the pool”? Well not only did I never follow that advice, but we discovered that a frisbee makes a great floating

Bainbridge Island WA, Barney McCallum and pickleball clinic

In July I was hoping all would work out for a quick trip to Bainbridge Island, WA to visit with the last surviving founder of pickleball – Barney McCallum. All worked out!! Alex Hamner and

Seattle, Washington Pickleball Visit

On July 13, 2015, Alex Hamner and I caught the plane from San Diego at 6:00am and headed to Seattle for pickleball. We rented the cheapest rental car they had – see the bright colored muscle

Pickleball paddle giveaway
Tempest Pickleball Paddle Giveaway ($96 Value)

I am SO excited to announce my latest giveaway – the newest pickleball paddle just approved by the USAPA, the TEMPEST graphite paddle by Paddletek. This is a great paddle for everyone because the weight

Canada Eastern Nationals Results

The first ever Canada Nationals East at RIM Park, Waterloo, ON, Canada has ended and fun was had by all.  It started on Friday, July 10 and singles wrapped up around 6pm on Sunday, July

pickleball Waterloo ON
On My Way to Waterloo, ON for Canada East Nationals

I’m always excited to experience new places and people. This trip will include a few “firsts” for me…Rochester, New York; Valenti Sports; Waterloo, Ontario; Niagara Falls; and participating in the first Canada East Nationals. Look

2015 Mens Open Singles Pickleball
2015 Mens Pickleball Open Singles

The 2015 So Cal Summer Classic Pickleball Tournament in Oceanside, CA just ended and WOW what an action packed 4 days filled with play from 8 am to 9:30 pm, and we squeezed in five

Pickleball Paddle Approval Process

Dennis Dacey, USAPA Board Member in charge of rules, was a speaker at the USAPA Ambassador Retreat in Lake Tahoe, CA. Mr. Dacey shared the pickleball paddle approval process. Here are some facts from my

Hydration on the Pickleball Court

What you drink on the pickleball court matters – Hydration. Welcome new contributor Sandy Segien R.D.N. a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist! Yes another new friend of mine that I met on the pickleball court. She loves pickleball

Overgrip on Pickleball Paddle
Add an Overgrip on Your Pickleball Paddle

An overgrip is a soft, padded, cloth like tape that wraps around the grip of your pickleball paddle. Why would you do this? Many reasons: increased sweat absorption; expand the circumference of your grip; and/or

Jennifer Lucore Forehand Volley
Lucore Forehand Volley

Have you heard? Apparently there is a shot called a Lucore Forehand Volley! I just learned about it and I (may be a little biased) think that’s pretty cool. Deb Harrison from The Villages, Florida

Pickleball at Bobby Riggs

As you know pickleball is showing up everywhere! One famous club near my home is the Bobby Riggs Tennis Club. YES they have pickleball and most days you need to wait for a pickleball court

H2U pickleball story
H2U Magazine – Pickleball in Print!

More exposure for this awesome sport! I just received in the mail the finished product of an interview and some time on the court with Bill Hudgins, Managing Editor of H2U (Health To You) Magazine.

Junior Gold Medal Winner Josh Elliott

Hello everybody, my name is Josh Elliott and I am a 3 time Junior gold medal winner at the 2014 USAPA Pickleball Nationals in Buckeye, Arizona. November 2nd to the 9th was one of the

Pickleball Ambassador Challenge

First, a quick pickleball ambassador story. Next, an invitation to share your own pickleball ambassador anecdotes. Two friends of ours, long time tennis players both, stopped by the courts two weeks ago.  Al and Nancy

Pickleball Quotes
Pickleball Inspiration


Don’t celebrate your win too early…

With a million or so views, I’m sure you’ve all seen the men’s college runner who started his victory celebration a little too early and ended up not winning at all (video link below).  These

First Ever Pickleball Court in Washington

In 2013, Joe Valenti from New York and me from California were in the Seattle area for a pickleball tournament. On a free day before the tournament started we both decided to make the trek

rotator cuff tear
Rotator Cuff Injury Treatment

Here it is – Part 3 of 3, Rotator Cuff – Injury treatment for all you pickleball players. In case you missed the first two parts, click on the links: Part 1 – Rotator cuff

Pickleball Pro Exhibition
Pickleball Pro Exhibition Format 2015, The Villages, FL

The third annual Pickleball Pro Exhibition is now in the record books. This year’s event sold out at 534 tickets allowing all spectators a front row seat on one of multiple courts. Jeff and Anita

On My Way to Pro Exhibition in Florida

So excited…. On my way to The Villages, Florida! If you have been following the buzz from Jeff Shank then you know what’s coming….  A sold out event – 534 paid attendees get their very

Shakespeare on Pickleball

Do you love Shakespeare and pickleball? Then you will enjoy these Shakespeare quotes about pickleball (instead of love)…  Enjoy! “Pickleball is merely a madness.” “Pickleball is a smoke raised with the fumes of sighs.” “Spirit

Pickleball in Madrid, Spain

Posted: 3/2015  | March 2015 Come with me to play pickleball in Madrid, Spain this summer! I know you love pickleball so throw in 9 action-packed days of a VIVA SPAIN pickleball tour and FUN

Selkirk Sports Pickleball Paddle Manufactuer

Posted March 14, 2015 Here is the second of a series of posts I will share from pickleball paddle manufactures. It’s nice to hear their story and some of the behind the scenes… Next up Selkirk Sports

Pickleball Player Questions Answered

Hi Jen, I loved watching you and Alex (Hamner) play pickleball a few weeks age – taking home the GOLD. I have questions: I’ve been playing pickleball now for one year. I have been playing

Welcome Keith James! New Contributor

Please welcome my new friend, smart professor and passionate pickleball player – Mr. Keith James!  The way I met Keith was that we had been pen pals (yes emailing) for the last seven months and

Pickleball Pro Exhibition at The Villages

Once again Villages Pickleball Club is having their yearly Pickleball Pro Exhibition where top players are invited to teach and show off their skills. This year’s Pro Exhibition starts March 28th and there will be

Pickleball Warm Up Video
Pickleball Warm Up

The Pickleball Channel recently made a Pickleball 411 video Warming Up with Alex Hamner and Jennifer Lucore. We had fun showing Rusty Howes and his crew what WE do. Here is some more insight to

Jennifer Lucore and Alex Hamner
Pickleball Basics – Stop, Hit and Move

Pickleball 101 – do not rush and run through your shot to get to the kitchen (non-volley) line, you should Stop, Hit and Move. This is a pickleball basic and one of the first lessons

Help the Homeless with Pickleball – Part Two

Here it is –  Part Two of a Pickleball Ministry. Pickleball addict and traveler – Bill Ritchie of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin shares his story… (Here is Part One published in December in case you missed it)

My parents: Pickleball Ambassadors Bob and Bev Youngren

Wow! The Pickleball Channel captured another great story….sharing the pickleball life of my parents and pickleball ambassadors Bob and Bev Youngren. Yes, I am a lucky girl (and maybe a little biased). I’ve only been

Pickleball open play

Today I woke up and thought…. Hmm, I am just going to show up at one of my two home courts and join in on pickleball open play. Open play means that all players, of

Pickleball comic strip – Baby Blues

Welcome to pickleball Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott, the creators of Baby Blues Comic Strip. I am guessing they have caught on to the pickleball fun just like the 400,000+ regular players in the United States.  Wow this is

Pickleball Travel – Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Want to play pickleball in Puerto Vallarta Mexico?  If so, you need to act fast because registration ends very soon. Lyall Harrison, an ambassador for the USAPA, sent me the following fun pickleball travel information:

Pickleball – Intimations of Mortality

Here is a great read from my new friend Keith. We had been pen pals (yes emailing) for the last six months and since my travels took me to the Seattle area last week, I

Pickleball inspiration

Here is a wonderful share from a pickleball friend via email: Read this, enjoy this, I’m blessed. Happy New Year 2015 I will play as much pickleball as possible in 2015 That my legs, heart,

Pickleball Sun
Men’s open singles, Daniel Moore, 2014 Nationals

Let’s revisit Nationals 2014… Why? Because there is so much to learn and share from those 7 days of top level pickleball play. I asked Daniel Moore, gold medal winner of Men’s Open Singles at

Teaching a pickleball class at Gig Harbor, WA

Next week Alex Hamner and I will be teaching a basic pickleball class at a YMCA in Gig Harbor, WA. If you are in the area come on by to learn – we’d both love

Rotator cuff – Prevention of injury

Rotator Cuff – Prevention of Injury Part 2 of 3 Hello fanatics of pickleball! Most people injure their rotator cuff muscles due to chronic misuse or due to a sudden traumatic force to the shoulder

Pickleball Sun
A Baja California adventure without pickleball

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR to YOU! I have just returned from a family vacation where I was off the grid and did not play pickleball.. Yes, either concept may be hard to grasp,

Holiday Crafts with Pickleballs

Players are so creative and crafty with the use of pickleballs and recycling the balls for another life. Here are some photos of holiday crafts with pickleballs that I found on Facebook. The one idea of

Help the Homeless with Pickleball

Pickleball addict and traveler – Bill Ritchie of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin shared this story today and I would like his awesome cause to continue on to other pickleball players looking to lend a helping hand/paddle/balls. “Mark

The Paddletek story – paddle manufacturer

Here is one of a series of posts I will share from pickleball paddle manufactures. It’s nice to hear their story and some of the behind the scenes… First up – The Paddletek story.  A

Rotator cuff pain – What is it?

How’s your pickleball game going? Are you having weakness or pain in your shoulder joint, especially with an outstretched arm to the side or overhead? Do you have a dull ache in your shoulder, which

Is your pickleball plate full?

Hello pickleball friends, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday! I’ve got a “tough” question for you… Did you over-eat during the Thanksgiving holiday? I did…. So many different foods to sample! My plate

Happy Thanksgiving
Pickleball doubles strategy

Doubles- arguably the most popular category to play in the pickleball world. Four players battling away… now that is some fun stuff! Here are three strategies in playing pickleball doubles that I know can help

Pickleball Sun
2014 Pickleball Nationals VI Medal Count

The biggest pickleball tournament in the history of the sport is now in the record books… USAPA Nationals VI has ended and there is lots to talk about. Seven action-packed days of competition which started

Nationals VI has come to an end…

What a week for the pickleball USAPA Nationals VI… I am still catching up on some sleep and resting my body. I have lots to share about the week at Nationals which included Alex Hamner and

Halloween Pickleball Craft

Halloween pickleball crafts – here are a few great ideas on reusing broken pickleballs. Save those broken pickleball and use them throughout the year on cool crafts. These scary decorations hung along the fence, net

Nationals VI check list

Only days away until USAPA Pickleball Nationals VI begins in Buckeye, AZ, ARE YOU READY? Do you have everything you need? Nationals is a big deal and being there in person to take it all

5 match points saved in another championship match

I happened to watch this tennis final yesterday … and the tie breaker was awesome!  Britain’s Andy Murray saved 5 MATCH POINTS against Spaniard Tommy Robredo to win the Valencia Open, and the reaction afterwards

Don’t Do Pickleball Drills

Don’t do pickleball drills. What does that mean? Everywhere you look new pickleball video drills and instructions are coming up across the web and to your neighborhood. This is good that more are talking about drills

Men’s pickleball doubles, game points at TOC

September’s pickleball Tournament of Champions 2014 brought top players to compete for over $45,500 in cash prizes. On the day of the men’s pickleball doubles I walked through the beautiful venue with my video camera, hoping

2014 Huntsman World Senior Games – Pickleball

Today is the second day of competition at the yearly Huntsman World Senior Games – players 50 years and older compete (over 10,700 athletes competing). The pickleball entry for this tournament has been closed for – Past, Present and Future

As a player and tournament helper, I was curious to learn about the behind the scenes of this website. A thank you to Melissa McCurley for sharing the following information:  So, what is, who are the

How to change a replacement grip on your pickleball paddle

Generally there are two different ways to regrip your pickleball paddle. One would be replace the existing grip which is the video below or you can add an over grip. A replacement grip is generally

The World’s Best Ice Pack

There are many ways to ice an injured body part. If you are using a bag of frozen peas or corn, then you are still living in the Stone Age. I wish to give you

Upcoming USAPA Nationals VI, November 2 – 9

Mark your calendars and book your travel to play and/or watch the best of the best compete at one venue for 6 days in Buckeye, Arizona! This is the BIG tournament of the year (ranks

2014 Pickleball Tournament of Champions – Men’s Doubles, Legends (Over age 50)

These Legends are awesome players – Larry, Tyler, Ron and David! Great play to all four of you, that first games was so close! Larry and Tyler, the hometown Utah team, has played often together

2014 Pickleball Tournament of Champions – Women’s Doubles, Legends (over age 50)

More great women’s doubles from four awesome players: Hilary, Yvonne, Luba and Che. The points are good to watch because you will see a wide variety of shots hit from soft to hard with lobs

2014 Pickleball Tournament of Champions – Women’s Doubles, Masters

The professional video is done – Yay!  Check out the points, we all had some great rallies. The video talks about the change in Alex Hamner’s and my game in that we brought much more

Color Commentating Men’s Doubles Open – Tournament of Champions

As time permits, I’ve been working on putting together lots of video clips I shot on the Men’s Doubles Open day at the Tournament of Champions in Ogden, Utah on September 4th . It won’t

2014 Pickleball Tournament of Champions – Mixed Doubles Finals, Masters

Wow…  what a match! I have been home three days (still recovering) and reliving the numerous, awesome moments of my mixed doubles matches. A shout out to my mixed partner Timothy Nelson who was… Great!

Pickleball Tennis Elbow – Treatment

Treating any form of tendinitis starts with applying ice to the inflamed area. With pickleball elbow (lateral epicondylitis), you want to apply ice to the tender part of the elbow and forearm for 20-30 minutes.

Pickleball Sun
Men’s Pickleball Open Singles – So Cal Classic 2014

Here is a great way to spend the next three minutes of your time…  Check out these clips from the medal winners of the 2014 So Cal Classic in Oceanside, CA. These guys are awesome players

Upcoming Tournament of Champions, Ogden, UT

Two weeks away from the beginning of the second annual Tournament of Champions. This is an awesome tournament and location and so great for the sport of pickleball. This year there will be CASH prizes

Aging gracefully – pickleball in your 70’s!

Aging gracefully – pickleball in your 70’s. Here is a reprint of the May 2014 Surprise Pickleball Newsletter (Surprise, AZ). Thank you to Suz Liley for allowing me to share. And my disclaimer: Bob Youngren is my

Pickleball Tennis Elbow – Prevention

Do you love to hit the backhand dink, volley or groundstroke? I sure do! The problem is that hitting too many backhand shots can quickly lead to pickleball elbow. The wrist extensor muscles on the

Road trip to college… with pickleball

I just returned from another adventure… this time a road trip from Oceanside, CA to Billings, MT to take my daughter back to college. More than once my daughter asked “mom do we have to make

Pickleball Tennis Elbow – What is it?

How’s your backhand pickleball stroke? Any pain on the backside of your lower arm and elbow? If so, you may be suffering from pickleball (tennis) elbow or lateral epicondylitis to be more technical. The muscles

Pickleball Superstar Dorie Nagy

Here is one of many stories of a passionate pickleball player with a big heart. My friends Cookie Drake and DeAnne (Dee) Davison shared stories of Dorie with me, and how Dorie was THE ONE that

Personalize your pickleball medals

As time goes on and your medal collection grows, it is a good idea to personalize your pickleball medals by documenting the year and even your partners name on the medal itself. This way, when

Plantar Fasciitis – Treatment for the Pickleball Player

I have received many emails of players loving Justin’s post of both what is plantar fasciitis and its prevention, so finally here is part 3 – the treatment…  Keep yourself educated on your body so you can play

Pickleball Canada Nationals – Open Winners

The Canada Nationals have now come and gone and another fun time was had by all. Here are the photos of the Open Champions… Interesting note, in the men’s open singles final Wesley – age

Pickleball serve

Did you know that you can have a strategic serve? Did you know you have many options of how and where to serve? Some players and coaches think the serve is just a way to

Pickleball Canada National Open Championship

Another adventure, tomorrow I am heading up to both the Seattle area and to Canada’s Nationals. This will be the third annual Pickleball Canada National Open Championship Tournament (that is a mouth full). The venue

Plantar Faciitias
Plantar Fasciitis – Prevention for the Pickleball Player

Guest Post from Justin Rodgers of Arizona. The best way to prevent plantar fasciitis is to avoid excessive overloading of the foot, especially with high impact activities involving running, jumping or climbing. With the ankle

Pickleball Sun
SoCal Summer Classic Tournament

Wow… I just finished up playing the SoCal Summer Classic tournament at my hometown courts where many of the “best of the best” came to Southern California to compete in 5 events over four days.

Plantar Fascitis – What is it?

Guest Post from Justin Rodgers of Arizona. Graphic courtesy: Hello pickleball players! I was out playing pickleball yesterday and experienced some discomfort on the bottom of my right foot. I knew right away what

Welcome new contributor to my blog – Justin Rodgers!

I am excited to have Justin join me in educating all the passionate pickleball players near and far. Justin will bring his expertise to you, touching on all topics that he deals with daily as

Happy father’s day to all pickleball dads!

I figured it was appropriate to post something to my number one fan. Thank you dad for EVERYTHING… To Bob Youngren, Happy Father’s Day!  Love,  YOUR number one fan – jennifer Need a quick pickleball

Pickleball Channel came to town

Two days after I returned from a tournament in UT, the Pickleball Channel was in town to do some filming…  hmm… Yes I would love to partake in that fun!    Rusty Howes and his awesome

A few pickleball lessons from tennis’ French Open

Believe You Can – The top 3 women’s seeds were all knocked out in the first week of the French Open and the men’s Australian Open champ was upset in the first round in Paris!

Summer heat – take care of yourself! part 1

Summer play outdoors can be hot and so can the temperature on the pickleball court. Being from Southern California I am accustomed to warm weather, but those coming from indoor play and cooler climates have more

Heading to Brigham City, Utah

I am packing for another pickleball adventure, yahoo!  I am heading to Brigham City, UT to join 200+ pickleball players for a fun tournament. Kyle and Trudee Klien are the tournament directors and besides the basic skill

Hey pickleball players – don’t think too much

Over time I have watched some pickleball players have an ongoing chat with themselves during and after a point.  “…do this, do that, move up, 3rd shot dink, ‘oh shoot I should of…’, ‘could of…,’

Inspiration 1


Pickleball has reached Critical Mass

For those of you who have been around the game for a while, the ride just got wild. Pickleball has reached critical mass! From where you are my guess is that you too have experienced

Happy Mother’s Day

Cheers to all moms – Happy Mother’s Day! And here’s to my mom whom I am lucky enough to play pickleball with – 2012 California State Senior Games.

Improve your pickleball hand-eye coordination

Rosemary from Brick, NJ asks: “I have only been playing a few months but addicted and although I have improved, I want to be much better. How can I practice eye to ball coordination. I am

Living to 90 and beyond

I grew up watching the TV show 60 Minutes, for it was my dad’s favorite, and we loved Andy Rooney. Now that I am older I too look forward to the show and its news

Get crafty with cracked pickleballs

There are a lot of crafty people everywhere but I have a friend that takes cracked pickleballs to a whole new level. Here are a few photos, maybe you too can create your own pickleball

Graphite vs. Fiberglass pickleball paddles

Ted from NC asks: “having only played a few games, I don’t know how graphite and fiberglass paddles differ. I’ve tried both and don’t see that one is any more effective than the other.” ANSWER:

Schedule of the Pickleball Pro Exhibition, The Villages, FL

Here are the details of a great event that you may be able to replicate in your area to build the level of play and interest in pickleball. Jeff Shank, avid pickleball player and organizer

Pickleball adventures… stay tuned

Just got home from two weeks of fun! I will post more on The Village’s play, then my visit at four of Florida’s Keys with play and new friends at Key West, THEN my week

Pro Exhibition – 2, The Villages, FL

  Here is a view from outside the courts…. beautiful! And of course Jodi insisted I climb the tree and pose… So I did 🙂

Pro Exhibition – 1, The Villages, FL

Heading into day three of the action packed exhibition. This is so awesome! The people, players, and the facilities here are the best. Here is a snapshot of the group of Pro’s both at a

My first day at The Villages, FL

I survived my first day at The Villages! WOW this place is great. Pickleball in the morning and afternoon playing with so many great players. Here is a photo of the gals, Deb, Jodi and

Third shot

Marsha from Toledo, OH asks: I hear so many players talk about the third shot being a soft shot so that your team can get to the kitchen line. What is your take on the

On my way to Florida

I am so excited… in a few days I’ll be heading across the country and finally able to see and play at the famous “Villages” – The Villages, FL.  It was just last week that

Custom grip

I was on the court the other day and my friend Keith had a nice fuzzy grip on his paddle… So after I razzed him about it, I looked closely and realized that it was

Pickleball drills to get to the next level

My friend Bill from Laguna Niguel, CA asks: “I currently play pickleball at the 4.0 to 4.5 level and want to get to 5.0. What drills would you recommend to help me get there?” Hello


Welcome to my blogs new home! I am happy to continue to have a place to share and answer players questions. My past blog – Ask the Pro ran for one and a half years

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