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Naples Fun Festival and PBX

POSTED: November 11, 2023  |  11/11/23 Several fun events are happening at Naples Pickleball Center, Naples, Florida December 7 – 10, 2023. JOIN THE FUN and check these both out: #1  www.NaplesFunFestival.com Come and have

Naples Pickleball Center – Pickleball Capital of the World

Posted: 5/27/2021  |  May 27, 2021 Did you know that the world’s largest pickleball venue has 60 permanent courts and is located in the top travel destination of Naples, Florida? Yes, it’s true, with 60

best pickleball drill
Best Pickleball Drill

Here is the Best Pickleball Drill you can do to improve your game and win more points. Yes, this drill is used by many professional pickleball players, gold medal champions, and I simply call it

Get Ready for the US Open Pickleball Championships

The US Open Pickleball Championships are only ONE week away! If you’re going, are you ready? So many things both mentally and physically to do to get ready for competition. One could probably write a

2018 US Open Pickleball Championships RECAP

The third US Open Pickleball Championships held in Naples, Florida is now in the record books! Each year this tournament has shattered the record for the most participants in any single tournament. This year’s record

Time Out – Let’s Dance

Time outs in pickleball tournament play can be a big deal. So many things can happen in the one-minute rest and regroup. I just came across a video clip I had taken from the stands as

US Open Clinics and Beyond the Courts…

Another pickleball first is in the books. The first ever US Open Pickleball Championships in Naples, FL is complete – recorded as the largest pickleball tournament to date. I had the opportunity to teach a

CBS Sports Network to Televise Pickleball

The MINTO US Open Pickleball Championships will be televised this Friday, May 20th at 7pm eastern, and again Monday, May 23rd at 7pm eastern. This national TV coverage on the CBS Sports Network (CBSSN) will bring

US Open Pickleball Championship Men’s Pro Singles

YouTube video Yes, the first ever US Open Pickleball Championship tournament is over – and most players survived… barely. The end of April and beginning of May make for some warm and humid weather in

US Open Pickleball Championships

Are your bags packed and ready to go? Minto US Open Pickleball 2016 Championships will be held in Naples, Florida, April 26 – May 1, 2016. Come experience another first for the sport of pickleball!

Pickleball Pro Exhibition
Pickleball Pro Exhibition Format 2015, The Villages, FL

The third annual Pickleball Pro Exhibition is now in the record books. This year’s event sold out at 534 tickets allowing all spectators a front row seat on one of multiple courts. Jeff and Anita

On My Way to Pro Exhibition in Florida

So excited…. On my way to The Villages, Florida! If you have been following the buzz from Jeff Shank then you know what’s coming….  A sold out event – 534 paid attendees get their very

Pickleball Pro Exhibition at The Villages

Once again Villages Pickleball Club is having their yearly Pickleball Pro Exhibition where top players are invited to teach and show off their skills. This year’s Pro Exhibition starts March 28th and there will be

Schedule of the Pickleball Pro Exhibition, The Villages, FL

Here are the details of a great event that you may be able to replicate in your area to build the level of play and interest in pickleball. Jeff Shank, avid pickleball player and organizer

Pro Exhibition – 2, The Villages, FL

  Here is a view from outside the courts…. beautiful! And of course Jodi insisted I climb the tree and pose… So I did 🙂

Pro Exhibition – 1, The Villages, FL

Heading into day three of the action packed exhibition. This is so awesome! The people, players, and the facilities here are the best. Here is a snapshot of the group of Pro’s both at a

My first day at The Villages, FL

I survived my first day at The Villages! WOW this place is great. Pickleball in the morning and afternoon playing with so many great players. Here is a photo of the gals, Deb, Jodi and

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