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For those of you who have introduced pickleball in your community or favorite vacation spot – this short story happens countless times throughout the world as the plans to introduce pickleball in a new area materialize. As my friend Sherry confirms, adding snacks and beer can be an attraction to get folks out to see the sport for the very first time. Durango, Colorado is definitely on my “to-play” pickleball list. If you’ve been following my pickleball posts then you know that I am all for checking out new pickleball places.

Sherry L. Keith shares her fun story:

My family spends every summer and Christmas in beautiful Durango, CO.  Last year I taught pickleball to the beginners every Monday at the Durango Recreation Center.  In fact, that is where I learned to play this addictive game.  This year, my first day back on the courts I was approached by Merv Nugent to teach a beginners and a strategy clinic at Dalton Ranch Golf Club. Always happy to teach, Merv and I made plans to meet with Bianca, the Membership and Events Manager at Dalton.  Bianca was wonderful and said that she would send out a community email about the event.  She even said the executive chef would provide snacks and BEER. Guess how many people showed up for pickleball and BEER?  Over 50!

I have been teaching pickleball for about a year and never would I have thought I would have to say:

“Gentlemen, put down your beers it’s time to play pickleball”

The event was a huge success so a few days later I was delighted to help paint two more courts. This little Durango community of Dalton Ranch was hospitable and quick to learn.  I will “relish” any opportunity to return and encourage others try out these wonderful courts; just remember to put down your beer before you play.

For more information contact Virginia Martin   –  Dalton Ranch Golf Club, 589 County Road 252, Durango, CO

Pickleball and beer in a beautiful mountain community sounds wonderful to me!

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