First Ever Pickleball Court in Washington

Joe and Jennifer LucoreIn 2013, Joe Valenti from New York and me from California were in the Seattle area for a pickleball tournament. On a free day before the tournament started we both decided to make the trek to seek out The Original, First Ever pickleball court on Bainbridge Island, WA. With the help of the McCallum family we were granted access to the property where the court still exists. On a beautiful sunny day we took our rental car and set out on the adventure, and boy what a day that was!  For all of you players (and readers) that love pickleball as much as we do you can imagine the feelings and chills that went down our spine as we stepped on the court!  WOW!  The birthplace of pickleball, and yes, I must admit I got down on my knees and kissed the court.

The unplanned day will be a pickleball adventure we will never forget. The people we met, the stories we were told, the tour we were given and the games we played… Priceless!

A few months ago Joe came across the video clips and photos we had taken that day and lucky for me he made time to put the footage together. Thank you Joe! Enjoy the close up video of the court and imagine yourself there, among the trees, having a ball.

That same week Barney and David McCallum came by the SeaTac tournament to check out the play. Barney said it was one of his best days in years, for he still loves to follow the game.

2013 seatac McCallum

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  1. We will be visiting Bainbridge Island next week. Can I see the first Pickleball court and snap a photo of it? Or is it located on private property and not available to visitors?

  2. Hi Jennifer and Joe,
    Some great 5.0 play on the original court! My first time watching a match being played on it. You both played as if you were in the US Open. Competitive play + lots of fun @Bainbridge !! Thanks.

    1. Joe, thank YOU for taking the time to put the video together. Pickleball road trips with friends are the best!!

  3. Running down a sharp angled shot outside the sidelines or performing an “Ernie” might prove difficult if not impossible!

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