Give Me The Ball

Give me the ball! You’ll be amazed what this simple trick can do for your game. It can make you more aware, engaged, focused, and ultimately, it can set you up for hitting the next winner. What is this quick and easy tip? Watch this quick-tip video from Pickleball Channel to find out:


When you’re on the kitchen line, do you have your hands down? Paddle dropped or to one side? Are you saying to yourself, please don’t hit it to me? Are you nervous about messing up the game point? Then you probably will!

This is what should be going through your brain when you are hugging the kitchen line; give me the ball, give me the ball, give me the ball! Yep, this is a very simple tip, but so powerful.

So, use this tip, hey it’s free, no clinic or boot camp to attend. This one, simple idea can really boost your skill, reflexes and mental readiness.

So, step on the court, get on the kitchen line, get your paddle in the ready position and boldly think GIVE ME THE BALL! Then give it the old Hi-YAH for a WINNER.







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  1. Hi Jennifer and fellow players, Have been playing and watching Pickleball training videos and Pro play since Oct 2017. First of all, it’s free lessons! This short clip on Jennifer’s Blog inspired me at first sight. I’ve noticed how much Pro play has evolved both in interest / promotion and strategy. All the players are in the ‘Ready Position’ as Jennifer promotes in this video. Keep playing, learning and be “Ready” for that next ball to come your way. “Go Play”!

  2. Hi Jennifer and players: Wanted to use this Blog site to give a huge ‘shout out’ to all of the 32 draft picks that participated in the first Major League Pickleball (MLP) extravaganza! 16 ladies and 16 guys that definitely were ‘in the zone’ every time they stepped on the court. All were ready for “Give Me the Ball”. The 8 team structure made the tournament super exciting. Having some matches g0 2-2, then a singles tie-break match to 15 with the 4 point player change and rally scoring was brilliant planning. Thanks to all that made this event a major success for many fans. 🙂

  3. Hi Jennifer, Now that we are back in action at the YMCA in Emporia, Va., I keep focused on this short video and the importance. When at the kitchen or in back court, assume it’s coming at you and have paddle in that ready position. And “Go Play”!

  4. Hi Jennifer. An update for my post of April 25 on Kathy H. Still luvs her Prince Response Pro paddle. Learned to hit low hard serves in one session. Then in a couple of months came some great cross court winners. Plays the kitchen well, goes after lobs and has excellent ground stroke game. Give her a strong 3.5 this time !! Will be rooting for you at Nationals !

  5. Hi Jennifer,
    Thought of this site for a post you may like. Have a brand new player at the Y in Emporia, Va. (Kathy H). Went from a 1 to a 2.5 in two days. Was very eager to learn and did so quickly. Goes to the K line, played good dbl’s strategy, etc. She surprised me later in a text that she ordered a paddle from Pickleball Central. I asked what she chose and lo and behold (without any advice) it is a Prince Response Pro! I texted back and told her that the 17 time National Champion Jennifer Lucore uses the same. She was delighted to hear that!

    1. John, that is a GREAT SHARE. Makes me smile. Thank you so much for sharing it, and we both love those new players that really get into it, get their equipment, improve, and the sky is the limit! Hello Kathy H! 🙂

  6. Dear Jennifer

    The main concept I remember from your clinic at boot camp in 2016 is-


    And I thank you for it?

  7. "Horns" Townsend

    Great pickleball tip that I remember from my softball days. I always coached my team mates to know in advance what they would do with the ball if it was hit to them. Know before it comes to you and you will make the correct play.

  8. My wife Allie would contend I have never seen a ball I did not want to poach.

    Sadly, she is absolutely correct!

  9. Works and also keeps your head in the game when they have hit that 4th consecutive shot to your partner.

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