H2U Magazine – Pickleball in Print!

More exposure for this awesome sport! I just received in the mail the finished product of an interview and some time on the court with Bill Hudgins, Managing Editor of H2U (Health To You) Magazine.

H2U is an award-winning, quarterly magazine that features inspiring people, information about medical treatments and disease prevention, healthy recipes, and tips for achieving a well-balanced life. (See how pickleball fits right in there!) H2U is a leading and trusted provider of convenient, innovative and cost-effective health solutions. Serving over 400,000 individuals nationwide, H2U provides consumer outreach programs, face-to-face health coaching, employer-based clinics and other wellness solutions.

Following the interview Alex Hamner and I got to introduce Bill to pickleball—what a treat. Now it’s in print for hundreds of thousands to read about pickleball. For those who don’t have a subscription it will be waiting for them in a medical office. One way or another, more will learn about pickleball and hopefully pick up a paddle and give it a try!

A big thank you to Bill Hudgins, for sharing pickleball with the world – pickleball in print!

H2U pickleball story

H2U Magazine

H2U pickleball

Behind the scene: Me, Bill Hudgins, Alex Hamner and a tricky placement of the ball.


2 comments on “H2U Magazine – Pickleball in Print!”

  1. Jen, you and Alex exemplify patience and generosity by actively donating your time and sharing your expertise.

    You both shine as truly wonderful ambassadors for the game.

    But now I do know why “ham” is part of “Hamner,” thanks to that last photograph!

    Just kidding , of course, Alex.

    1. Haha – Keith, you noticed!

      It’s always fun on the court, whether playing or teaching! And occasionally sharing a trick shot with an unsuspecting newcomer ….. 😉

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