Halloween Decorations with Pickleballs

Halloween decorations with pickleballs are FUN! Here are a few great ideas on reusing broken pickleballs. Save those broken pickleballs and use them throughout the year on cool crafts. The photo above: these scary Halloween decorations hung along the fence, net, and net posts to help celebrate the holiday on the pickleball court. A shout out to the crafty artist and player Lydia R of Oceanside, CA.

Some photos are shared by friends on Facebook and Instagram. Gotta love these creative Halloween pickleball crafts.

Want more crafts with pickleballs? How about starting your Christmas decorations? Here is a post with ideas for you:  Holiday Crafts with Pickleballs

If you have a favorite holiday craft with pickleballs please share in the comments below.

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  1. Hope your boo boo🎃 is on the mend
    Happy October to you dear
    I await the day our paths will meet
    It will be for me my trick and
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