Help the Homeless with Pickleball

Pickleball addict and traveler – Bill Ritchie of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin shared this story today and I would like his awesome cause to continue on to other pickleball players looking to lend a helping hand/paddle/balls.

“Mark Raether (my father-n-law and avid pickleball player) and I are planning on paying it forward this year by blessing a very special friend of ours that works with the homeless community. This special person has a huge heart for these guys, having been where these homeless guys are, and is a testimony to God’s unfailing love….even when one has lost all hope and faith in humanity. Our friend is also a Pickleball player and has introduced this wonderful game to several of the homeless men he ministers to. Several of these men have started playing this sport because of him, and are finding some stability and fellowship through these activities. You could call it “trading in one addiction for another”!

Help the homeless with pickleball

This would be where you Pickleballers come in. Mark and I are looking to purchase your used and unwanted pickleball paddles. We’ll even pay to have them shipped to us. I have bought a couple of used ones off eBay already but we are looking for a half dozen or so more. Our goal is that all the guys can participate at one time. We could use some outdoor balls too. Email me if you’d like to help us out. We’d like to give them to him for Christmas, but we’ll also gladly accept them after.

The man in the picture is Brian, one of the homeless men that begun playing pickleball. He’s an animal on the court! Are these guys 5.0 looking for the next USAPA tourney? Nope, not even close. They are just men that are finding some relief and support from this wonderful game of pickleball! These guys call themselves “the new breed”.”

Isn’t that a good story! To help and find out more information email Bill at mrsuperman00@msn dot com.
Yes, that email says Mr. Superman 00 (with two zeros) – quite an appropriate email Bill!

Help the homeless with pickleball. Pay it Forward via pickleball!


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