Hey, Did You Hear Your Name Called?

Here’s an interesting observation I had at the US Open Pickleball Championships a few weeks ago. Over the week span of tournament play, I had over 20 WOMEN say to me, “hey, did you hear your name called?” when the announcer says you’re up on a particular court. This is always very helpful, because whether you’re a tournament veteran or new to tournament play, you only have a few minutes (usually ten minutes) to get to the court and start play. With little time to spare once you’re called, sprawling venues, and many areas where you may be out of distance from the announcer’s speakers … like in the bathroom (no speakers in there), the notice is appreciated. Interestingly, only one male let me know, so I guess you men are off the hook. Or maybe it was just that the women are quicker … to talk! LOL

Maybe, even though we’re opponents, this “help each other out” is just the motherly instincts women have. I don’t think the same can be said for other sports. Although the difference from being “notified” by females outweighed males, I find the part of helping each other out really no surprise in this sport; pickleball players are the best (both male and female). One of the best parts of pickleball is that when it comes to socializing we all belong to the same team—pickleball lovers—something not usually found in other sports. Even at the pro level (as sponsored players), the majority of players hang out together and genuinely cheer each other on. We compete against each other during the day, and share laughs, dinner and drinks that evening.

In any event, I appreciate the heads up that my name was called!

Hey, did you hear your name called?

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  1. I haven’t yet but I am pretty sure it will be amazing to hear your name by the announcer or the audience when they cheer for you.

  2. I attended the U.S. Open for the first time and loved it! I didn’t play but had the pleasure of watching amazing matches from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.! The best part was getting to meet Jennifer and Alex….you cannot find two more friendly and gracious women! The one thing I observed was how hard the young players hit the ball! It looked like a different game. Someone asked me if any of them made it to the finals, I responded no. She smiled and said, “I rest my case.” Happy Mother’s Day to all of you amazing mothers!

  3. Keith (Eh?) James

    At 73+, I am lucky to hear my name called from any speaker, even if it were in the porta-potty.

    However, I never seem to miss the call to dinner!

  4. Great comments. I’ve been at some tournaments where the PA system is not the best and even when I’m listening for my name, I might not hear it. Your comments about PB being a very social and friendly sport are spot on. It has to be one of the friendliest sports I’ve ever competed in.

  5. You are absolutely right. Some players get caught up in socializing with other players did never here their name called. Good communication between players and team mates is essential. Have a great day and keep pickln. SkipSorich

  6. Yes! My friend’s had just played their first match in their first tournament ever in the Women’s 70-75 and were called for their 2nd match and did not hear it. None of us heard it. They were disqualified. We were all feeling like we let them down by not keeping up with it for them.

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