Hey pickleball players – don’t think too much

Over time I have watched some pickleball players have an ongoing chat with themselves during and after a point.  “…do this, do that, move up, 3rd shot dink, ‘oh shoot I should of…’, ‘could of…,’ ‘RATS!!”  There was frustration in their expressions and then they’d go onto the next point to do the same. Phew, that can be exhausting. We have all done something similar. We learned a new shot, someone told us to do it this way or that and our mind goes into overdrive on all our shot selections – and boy, there are a lot of choices for every move and place you are on the court… If this sounds familiar to you, then I say   b r e a t h e   and have more fun. Use your confidence; know that you possess a variety of shots, and when you have that high forehand floater volley hit your way – SMACK IT FOR THE WIN!

And by the way, if none of this sounds familiar, then you should think a bit more…

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  1. Yes. That’s me too. My husband and I started pickleball together. We’ve both had the same lessons and practice time. Yet… He has skyrocketed to being an advanced player, leaving me in the dust. After months of numerous coachings, advise, “wall ball” practice sessions, I remain a beginner. He’s having the time of his life while I grit my teeth and watch the clock, breathing a sigh of relief when we’re done. I’m sorry…Im just not good at, nor enjoy America’s fastest growing game. Is there something wrong with me?

    1. Jennifer Lucore

      Hello Katherine, I do not know if we have met but I would say, of course, nothing is wrong with you :-) It could be a fact that pickleball is not your fun. To me “wall ball” practice does not sound fun either. Give it one last try playing with three other players of equal skill as you and who you think are fun and let me know how it goes… Good Luck!

  2. Hi Jennifer, Enjoy your blog, informative, funny, and not to serious.. What is your tournament strategy? Do you mix up your shots, pick on the weak link or ?
    Thanks, Judi ( Arizona, avid p ball player, 5 – 6 mornings a week….!)

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