Huntsman World Games Pickleball Registrations Closed

Huntsman World Games Pickleball

Huntsman World Senior Games opened registration for pickleball and it quickly filled up in the same day. To be exact Mixed Doubles filled up in 27 minutes – WOW! For those of us that love our pickleball and this world famous event we knew we had to register fast – more like stay awake to register, but who knew it would go that fast. LOVE IT!

“It’s hard to imagine that anyone could have predicted just how fast the registrations would roll in though. At 12:00:01 a.m., the Games opened online registration. Within seconds, the first registrations were logged, and the pace only quickened from there.” To read the complete story straight from Huntsman World Senior Games website – click here

Huntsman World Games Pickleball Registration is closed, so, I hope you got in or at least near the top of the waiting list… and just think this pickleball tournament isn’t until October 10, 2016!

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  1. Well, next year is my target… it’s my dream to play PB at the Huntsman. BTW, I had the privilege of meeting your dad while practicing for the San Diego State Games at Oceanside. Met at the Castle Creek Pickleball Club in Escondido. Amazing PB facility.

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