Jennifer’s Favorite Things – Pickleball 2016

jennifers favorite things

Yep, if Oprah can have her yearly favorite things, I thought why can’t I?

Jennifer’s favorite things – pickleball 2016. Tis the season of giving and celebration – and why wouldn’t you give your favorite pickleball player something you know they’ll want… something pickleball.

Here is a list of passionate pickleball players that create and sell unique pickleball gifts that I think are cool. This list is in no particular order and these vendors do not even know they are on my “pickleball” favorite things list (who even knew – or cared – I had such a list).

Maybe this will help you with your shopping, or even better forward this to your kids or grandkids so you’re guaranteed to get one present you’ll enjoy.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Cheers to all of you this wonderful holiday season.

  • I have several of these pendants and always get compliments and smiles from friends that know exactly what it represents.  Pickleball Bling
  • I love their graphic design and typesetting. Your stocking could overflow with all these cool choices.  PickleballXtra
  • A must for your reading list – get the printed version and leave it on your coffee table so that when non pickleball friends come to visit they’ll see that pickleball is legit!  Pickleball Magazine
  • I got this as a gift last year (thank you Alex) and it looks great in my front yard.   Weathervane
  • Fila sports backpack, I love its size – perfect as an airplane carry on.  I Dink Wear  and they have a fun Garden Flag
  • Of course everyone needs an extra pickleball paddle!  Paddletek
  • I tried this at Huntsman World Games – at first a bit scared (sort of loud), but muscles loved it.  Jolt Gun
  • Something to mark off your Bucket List – join me for pickleball in Costa Rica

8 comments on “Jennifer’s Favorite Things – Pickleball 2016”

  1. Thank you so muchs for your list, Jennifer. we have one thing in common, i also love graphic design and typesetting of pickle paddle. i guess i will follow your site to know more about pickle from you. I hope you have a great Christmas with your family & friends.

  2. Thank you SO much for including Pickleball Xtra on your 2016 list of Holiday Favorite Things! We love pickleball and we love designing and making great things for the sport we all love so much. Thanks again, Jennifer!!

  3. I will be cruising through St. Lucia and a bunch of other places and am wondering if I will find many pickleball courts…??

    1. Hello Karin, when I was there, at the Sandals resorts, no actual pickleball area, had to create the court, lines and net myself… I did bring paddles and balls for four. Have an awesome time!

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