Color Commentating Men’s Doubles Open – Tournament of Champions

As time permits, I’ve been working on putting together lots of video clips I shot on the Men’s Doubles Open day at the Tournament of Champions in Ogden, Utah on September 4th . It won’t be long now… stay tuned.

For the finals of both Men’s Doubles Masters (under age 50) and Men’s Doubles Legends (over age 50) I had the privilege of being the color commentator. Boy was that fun….  I had received a phone call about a month ago asking if I would do it, but I had to ask; tell me again what the “color commentator” does? And they said “add color for the viewers”…. I thought, heck, I can add some color. I’ll just say what I see and don’t talk too much, okay I got it – I do have my fingers crossed that it sounds okay. Cheers to John Gullo and his awesome team for the professional videos in progress.

Photo shows the commentator – Dane Stewart and I on the scaffolding (center back). We had a great view to take in all the action. Tournament of Champions Mens Final

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