Myths About Being in the Kitchen

Alex tells me to show up at the church courts and be ready to play in the kitchen. Well, that is exactly what we did in the making of this fun Pickleball 411 video with Pickleball Channel.

Questions come up all the time regarding the rules of the kitchen or the non-volley zone (these two terms refer to the same thing).

When can I go into the kitchen?

How long can I be there?

Well… the basic rule says: You’re NOT allowed to volley when you are standing in the kitchen OR touching the kitchen line.

Listen, laugh and learn!

Watch: Pickleball 411 – 3 Myths about being in the Kitchen

Alex Hamner shares her behind the scenes:

So it was a lot of fun to help Pickleball Channel with a video that should clear up many of the dink-related questions related to the kitchen. And aside from the basic hilarity I generally experience with our beloved blogger, there were a few favorite moments of Behind the Scenes action during the filming 🙂

Of course my most favorite parts don’t involve me – haha –

One that makes me laugh whenever I think of it is Jennifer blowing her debunking line – “Let the dekubunking begin!” she bellowed the first time.

And then there’s the practicing of Jennifer getting hit with all those balls. Jennifer: ‘Harder! Straighter! More balls!’  Me: Let me show you how hard to throw them!

Okay – I’ll share a bit about me too – I was sooooo concerned about my skirt since I was sitting in that low chair with the camera shooting from above – there was a lot of effort put into my “placement”. And, I missed a lot of those dinks when I sitting there!! (But to my benefit – I was trying to not look away from the camera …. and you KNOW you gotta watch the ball or you’re going to flub it!)

The St. Michael’s location is awesome – so many pedestrians, locals and tourists alike, walk by these cool courts that are in the heart of Carlsbad, and every day people stop and watch the play either from the sidewalk or they come sit courtside for a bit. And that happened while we were filming … like it was just another day at the courts!

Thanks Alex for a peek into the bloopers! Thanks Pickleball Channel for the FUN. Now here are some behind the scenes photos to entertain you more:

Myths about the kitchen



27 comments on “Myths About Being in the Kitchen”

  1. Hi Jennifer, Alex, Meredith: I went to the 411 site to ask this but didn’t work. Realize it’s Christmas so please take time should you reply to this question ( A ‘what if’). Opponents hit a dink shot with lots of backspin that comes just over the net and backspins into the net. If the ball comes off of the net enough for the receiver to frame the ball and return over net will play continue or is it a dead ball when ball backspins into the net? Have not found this exact situation in the rulebook. Thank you–JB and Merry Christmas!

  2. Hi again Hugh P, I should have been more specific in response to your question instead of sending you to 411. Rule 9.F. A player may enter the non-volley zone at any time before or after returning any ball that bounces. As Jennifer and Alex like to say: “Go Play!”

  3. I have watched all 411 video’s covering the NVZ. I still have a question that has been answered different ways by “experts” in the past. During a volley and ground stroke point the ball is returned just outside the NVZ and bounces. When this is returned the players momentum carries him into the NVZ is this a fault. I contend that due to the ball bouncing (ground stroke) it is a good return NOT a fault. Your experience and expertise are greatly appreciated.
    Hugh Polette

    1. Hi Hugh, On the 411 site ‘The Most Complete NVZ Video’ I posed this situation to Alex on July 11, 2018. She replied on July 18 and I replied back on July 19. This covers the same issue I was concerned with.

  4. Hi Jennifer, Have a few new players at the Y. Trying my best to convince them to watch this video and especially the ‘Most Complete NVZ’ video. Having many momentum faults into the Kitchen. I blow the whistle and explain the rule and then write down the site for the videos, but no one is taking the time. “This rule and other NVZ rules will be cleared up if you just watch the videos” , I politely tell them.

  5. Hi Jennifer. Our tourney in Emporia, Va YMCA went well on Sat 2-9. 7hours of non-stop action with double elimination. Men’s dbl’s went to Tom & Greg (Warrenton, NC) repeat winners from last March. Women’s dbl’s went to 2 local ladies, Julie & Brie. Mixed went to Brie & Todd. Great fun on our brand new courts !

  6. Hi Jennifer, We are back in action at the Y this morning! New nets also. Played 3 hours and sore, but had some great close games with 8-10 players. Local tourney set for 2/9. Enjoyed reading folks resolutions for new year. One of mine is a quote of yours: “Give me the ball!”

  7. Hi Jennifer, Glad you had ringside seats. Like the way Kyle stalks the kitchen corner when dinking, waiting at chance for an ‘Ernie’. Our court here in Emporia, the Y being re-done completely since 11/19. Should be able to start back up 2nd week in Jan. New lines painted (no more tape) on Thursday. Anxious to “GO PLAY” ! Merry Christmas to you, Alex and all the Pros.

    1. Hello John, gotta love permanent lines on the pickleball court – you are getting close to a perfect court! Merry Christmas 🙂

  8. Hi Jen, Alex and Pickleball fans. The Nationals at Indian Wells site has ended. Hope many of you got to see some of the matches, especially men’s dbl’s. Congrats to Kyle Yates and Ben Johns from coming out of the L bracket in a 4 game tie break thriller!

    1. Hello John, YES I was courtside watching the finals with Kyle and Ben, such great points. Match point against them, Kyle lobs, momentum switch, and the young guys win!

  9. Hi Jennifer, Alex and Pickleball fans. FYI, the Thurs, Frid, Sat, Sun matches are on the net. Just search 2018 Pickleball Nationals and go to the one that starts with ‘Home’. Some great play !

  10. Hi Jennifer and Alex. Got notice of the upcoming Nationals. Hope they send us video via email of the finals. Or better yet get CBS Sports channel to televise live !! Play well and will root for you to make finals !

  11. Hi Jennifer. I forgot to check the blog box yesterday. Had one of those rare situations happen today at the Y in Emporia, Va. I was NVZ ref, a ball was hit high and just over the net with backspin that caused the ball to bound back over to the hitter’s side. I informed Sue that she could have reached over and tapped the ball but without hitting the net. She was close enough to do so but didn’t know she could.

  12. Hi Jennifer and Alex. Started watching videos about a year ago. This one and the Most Complete NVZ I have watched many times just for fun. I ref the NVZ at the YMCA in Emporia, Va. when not playing and enjoy much. Reading the official rules plus watching your training videos have been very helpful.

  13. Great creative blog as per usual Mrs Lucore 🙂 ; the pedicure toes and what to pack are still my favorites… although you forgot to pack the wine bottles in that one ? ?

  14. Playing pickleball on a beautiful private court one block from the beach: how oh how can Hamner and Lucore stand the agony of it all?

  15. Actually. Alex, your part was pretty amusing…..sitting in the kitchen with a drink and hitting the ball. Can’t imagine what people were thinking when they were watching this video being made! Ha! Very cute video! Susan

    P.S. Does Rusty pronounce Jennifer’s last name correctly? Sounds like he is saying Loocor.

    1. Hey Susan, glad you liked it 🙂 and Yes, Rusty says my last name correctly – apple core – lucore, or Loocor ha!

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