Nationals VI has come to an end…

What a week for the pickleball USAPA Nationals VI… I am still catching up on some sleep and resting my body. I have lots to share about the week at Nationals which included Alex Hamner and I capturing GOLD our fourth year in a row in Women’s Open Doubles, both of us winning GOLD in Open Singles, and much more!!

Here is the complete list of medal winners

end of pickleball Nationals VI



1 thought on “Nationals VI has come to an end…”

  1. Congratulations to both you and Alex, Jennifer. I do not remember many athletes more definitively superior in their sport than you two.

    On a completely different subject, what happened to Tim Nelson this year? He did not medal at all, near as I can tell. Just puzzled and curious.

    I do wish pickleball got more extensive coverage in the media.

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