On My Way to Waterloo, ON for Canada East Nationals

I’m always excited to experience new places and people. This trip will include a few “firsts” for me…Rochester, New York; Valenti Sports; Waterloo, Ontario; Niagara Falls; and participating in the first Canada East Nationals. Look for updates on my Facebook page and feel free to “Follow” me.

Canada will be hosting two Nationals this year, both are on the same weekend. One on the West coast (outdoors) and the other on the East coast (indoors). If you’re in the area stop by either venue to get your pickleball fix, join the buzz and most importantly – the FUN!

pickleball Waterloo ON

Check out www.pickleballtournaments.com to follow your friends this weekend.
Canada East Nationals, Canada West Nationals, National Senior Games in Minneapolis or where ever your pickleball takes you.

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  1. Hi Jennifer – I’m a participant in the recent Canadian Eastern Nationals tournament and it wasn’t until now that I viewed your blog. I see that you are going to view Niagara Falls and thought I could suggest a couple other options as well for your itinerary. I suspect your local connections (e.g. the Valenti’s) will do the same but it would be a shame not to mention Taughannock Falls in Ulysses, NY, and Letchworth State Park, in case you have the time to explore a little bit.

    Taughannock Falls is in the Finger Lakes region which isn’t far from Rochester, and in many ways I consider it more scenic than Niagara Falls as it is taller and less commercialized. Letchworth State Park is about 90 minutes south of Rochester and it was recently voted the best state park in the US. It has several smaller waterfalls that are scenic and there is a fantastic path / trail beside the river by the swimming pool campground that reminds me a bit of a scene from a LOTR movie.

    Also, if you haven’t been to Niagara Falls yet you might want to go over to Goat’s Island on the US side where you can actually dip your feet in the upper Niagara River before the water plunges over the falls. From that vantage point you can block out many of the buildings as well.

    For what it is worth!

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    Got to play you and your male partner Saturday in Waterloo and it was amazing. I had heard about you from the top player in our group of 200-300 players where I live in Kingston, Ontario. I got to see you play a best of three and even recorded a small part of your game so I can watch your footwork, and the way you hit the ball etc.

    What impressed me most was your kindness and attitude. You were super nice, an amazing person to represent the growing sport of pickle ball, and let’s be fair -your country when you are in ours. It is obvious you love the game and I wish you much success in the game and personally. You have a new loyal fan who will share the story of meeting you and how nice your were to me with many. You may recall my partner and I lost to you and yours 15-2. The only points we got were against your partner, not you!

    Hope you got home safe to Cali, and I will follow your blog, and Facebook. If you are ever close to Ontario again, i.e: Within 6-8 hours of Toronto, NY, Ohio, Michigan, Quebec, Massachusetts, let me know. I will go to the tournament with my partner as well.

    David B
    Kingston, Ontario

  3. Hi Jennifer

    I met you a few hours ago at RIM, the home of the Eastern Canada Nationals. Think the guy without a business card.

    Looking forward to seeing you play here this weekend.

    The big thing is that there are so many folks we meet, whether in tournaments or just travelling about who have the Pickleball bug.

    You exemplify the best of Pickleball with your attitude, and focus on skill development.

    Thanks for being a great ambassador for this fun and healthy sport.
    Michael Brandon

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