My parents: Pickleball Ambassadors Bob and Bev Youngren

Wow! The Pickleball Channel captured another great story….sharing the pickleball life of my parents and pickleball ambassadors Bob and Bev Youngren. Yes, I am a lucky girl (and maybe a little biased).

I’ve only been enjoying pickleball for about four years, but my parents have been playing for 15+ years. During their years of pickleball journeys they would share stories with my brother and I; the joke was that mom and dad were off doing something called pickleball and they’d be back for the holidays. My first exposure to pickleball was to play twice a year – Mother’s Day and sometimes Christmas Day. Yes, both those holidays – why? Even though there were several mothers in the family, the “senior” mother usually got the choice of what to do and mom always wanted a family activity that we could all enjoy outdoors. Pickleball fit the bill so we—children, spouses and grandchildren—all got a taste of it.

Now that I’ve caught the pickleball “bug”, I’m grateful that our paths cross often. As I travel to tournaments here and there the odds are good that my parents will be there too – competing in both the 65 and 70 year category. Pickleball has allowed us to spend much more time together and share our passion for this wonderful sport. Here is their story:

Bob and Bev Youngren


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