Personalize your pickleball medals

As time goes on and your medal collection grows, it is a good idea to personalize your pickleball medals by documenting the year and even your partners name on the medal itself. This way, when you are older- and then really old, you can look back and reflect on all your accomplishments over the years. This is a great habit to get into: using a dark sharpie pen to write in missing information on your medal or prize.
personalize medals

Here is a picture of a few of my medals with my notes on the back.. Because when I am really old I want to remember it all!

And here is another picture of my niece and nephew having fun at my parents’ house. They found the drawers with pickleball medals and decided a good project was to count all the medals… the last count was 295 and that is from 14 years of their pickleball adventures.Medal Count

So get your sharpie pen out and document the fun!

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