Pickleball Advice from 60 Minutes

Each Sunday, I enjoy watching CBS News’ 60 Minutes program, and last night, a particular quote JUMPED RIGHT OUT at me while watching a segment on chess – and I thought that’s just like pickleball!

The quick cliff notes from the news story, “Chess Country”. Grade-school chess teams from rural Franklin County, Mississippi, are blowing past stereotypes about who can play chess and win national recognition, and in turn, chess is instilling new dreams in these kids.

Dr. Jeff Bulington, the teacher, states “For what lay ahead: a weekend of intense chess, more than 1,500 players from 644 schools gathered in a giant ballroom at Opryland for seven rounds of chess over three days. Every grade (K through 12) was vying for a national title.”

“After their shaky start, Franklin County’s players bore down taking more time, probing for openings, watching for threats. A Bulington mantra played in their heads: Let your opponent show you how they’d like to lose.”

Now, just think about that…. if you take the time (patience) to stop and observe during your pickleball match, this sentence can be very applicable.

“Let your opponent show you how they’d like to lose”

Yes, many pickleball coaches, teachers and players have mentioned how pickleball can be a game of chess; and I completely agree. It is a good, inspiring story, and resonates with the game of pickleball.

Gotta love pickleball advice from 60 Minutes!

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The 60 Minutes episode aired on March 26, 2017.

6 comments on “Pickleball Advice from 60 Minutes”

  1. Completely agree! Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses so it’s important to defend against the strengths and exploit the weaknesses. Easier said than done though 🙂

  2. ThanksJennifer, I will now ponder this comment with my opponent and know what my next shot, hopefully, will be!

  3. Dear boys and girls,

    I have played games against Jen and Alex, Jen and Alex are friends of mine, and believe me, just getting the ball in against these two will get you a steady diet of pickleball sandwiches.

    The tactic depends on the opponents!

  4. I saw this 60-Minutes piece on the kids from Franklin County, MS. It was quite inspirational to see these kids, who would normally be stereotyped, excel at a game that is played by supposedly intellectuals. I agree with you about the lessons learned, in this article, can be applied to Pickleball. I tell players to observe the tendencies of their opponents; analyze them; and come up with a game plan on how to defeat them. The adage as it relates to Pickleball is so apropos.

  5. "Horns" Townsend

    There are a lot of comparisons. The great tiger Petrosian was considered a dull dull defensive player only. But he was world champion because, while he said he didn’t plan 5 moves ahead “I always make the best move” (shot) Just like pickleball!!

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