Pickleball Ambassador Challenge

First, a quick pickleball ambassador story.

Next, an invitation to share your own pickleball ambassador anecdotes.

Two friends of ours, long time tennis players both, stopped by the courts two weeks ago.  Al and Nancy are retired.  He was a very successful attorney, and she was a fifth grade teacher for forty plus years.

I talked and played them through their first few games..  Two days later, they showed up again, each with a new paddle.

Al said, “You’re costing me money.”

Nancy said, “We are hooked.”

Nancy further told me she wants Al to put in a pickleball court on their beautiful beach front property.

“Twenty to twenty-five thousand,” I said.

Nancy shrugged, “Al’s loaded.”

I am a troublemaker.

2 comments on “Pickleball Ambassador Challenge”

  1. Putting your punchline in the title is like using the pickleball warmup to practice your best shot.

    Surprise and timing are everything!

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