Pickleball Camps are Back!

pickleball camps

Pickleball Camps are back – for a current listing of camps, clinics and pickleball fun, go to: Pickleball Destinations to Learn

Original Post: 8/21/20  |  August 21, 2020

Pickleball play, camps and lessons are coming back! Wherever you are in the world your pickleball options to play or not to play have been all over the “court.” I’m in Southern California and our open play on public courts have not really happened since mid-March when life changed. For the last couple months, play has been allowed if you “bring your own foursome”. It seems locations are carefully lifting restrictions and oddly enough I know of some states that never closed courts and lessons were never interrupted.

My hope is that you are getting some play, for your health and sanity, even if it’s befriending your neighbor who has a backyard court.

The last 5 weeks I’ve been venturing out playing at private courts and boy did it feel great! And, a few days ago, my first since early March, I competed at the PPA Showcase tournament in Newport Beach, CA (a private Tennis Club) in doubles. It felt so great to get out and play with my long-time doubles partner Alex Hamner. This was long overdue as we hadn’t competed together since the November 2019 Nationals. I forgot how much I LOVE the feeling of being in the mental ZONE during competition.

So, with more pickleball play happening and restrictions easing, I am very excited to share the following camps with you that I will be a part of. I would love you to join me as I share my tips, techniques and strategies of how you can improve your game. Learn from the pros that have been where you want to go.

November 10 -12, AZ
LADIES ONLY CAMP at JW Marriott Phoenix Resort and Spa. Phoenix, AZ. Two packages available – All-Inclusive Getaway or Camp only for a 3-day pickleball camp for Ladies Only. Learn the techniques and strategy that are specific to ladies play and mixed doubles. Pros: Jessie Irvine, Jennifer Lucore, Gigi LeMaster & Jodi Elliott. Engage Pickleball Camps

Nov 16 – 18, MO
CHICKEN N PICKLE, (North Kansas City, MO). (3) days. (6) hours per day. 18 total hour camp. Pros: Jennifer Lucore and Robert Elliott. Engage Pickleball Camps

Dec 11 – 13, CA
The Lakes Country Club, Palm Desert, CA.  ADVANCED 4.0+ only (4.0-5.0) strategy sessions.  2-day. (12) hour camp. And a 3-day camp. Pros: Jennifer Lucore and Marcin Rozpedski. Engage Pickleball Camps

March 2021, CA
Sacramento, CA. Pros: Jennifer Lucore and Matt Staub. Details TBA. Engage Pickleball Camps

If you’d like me in your area and are able to reserve courts and help coordinate I may be able to come to you. Email me your ideas.


10 comments on “Pickleball Camps are Back!”

  1. I’ll be staying in Carmel for the month of October and see you have a three
    Day camp in Monterey. Can I attend without staying at the Hyatt.

  2. WHERE in SoCal do you play? I live in Yorba Linda area. No pickleball courts in my town. Closest courts are 20 min away. When are our towns going to realize the popularity of Pickleball?

  3. Hi Jennifer! This is Pat Kelly. I attended your clinic at Chicken & Pickle in Kansas City. It was awesome! I’ve been having trouble with my volleys. I, usually, pop them up! My partner or I end up eating the ball, when our opponents smash it back. How can I avoid doing these dreaded pop ups? Hope all of you guys are well!
    Pat Kelly

    1. Hello Pat! Great to hear from you. That is a great question, let me see if I can work your question into a new blog post – stay tuned! Also we could work on your volleys during and after the Chicken N Pickleball camp I will be teaching in November.

  4. Hey Jennifer, I have been to two Engage camps and they were great. Glad to see you are now with them, will have to make it to #3 with you

  5. Courts in my area are starting to open up more too. I am definitely ready to get out there and improve my game. Will check out your camps.

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