Pickleball Channel came to town

Two days after I returned from a tournament in UT, the Pickleball Channel was in town to do some filming…  hmm… Yes I would love to partake in that fun!    Rusty Howes and his awesome crew were here to shoot a few episodes for their website and YouTube channel. This is the first for the world of pickleball to have a dedicated, professional, high quality site with videos for all pickleball enthusiasts to learn from and enjoy.

Alex Hamner and I quickly got a small glimpse into the film industry; how much time it takes to select locations, set up and filming to get those perfect clips…and of course there were plenty of bloopers. These guys know their stuff and we were along for the ride. Here are some fun photos, and yes we got both Rusty and HR out there playing. Thank you www.pickleballchannel.com for helping spread the word about this wonderful sport we all love!

Pickleball Channel – Winning Doubles Team






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