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Who would have believed that March 2020 would relegate us to near home isolation, “social distancing” and the dreaded pickleball withdrawals? Obviously, pickleball is just a game and COVID is serious business, but pickleball is our outlet…

First off, let me say that I hope and pray that all my pickleball friends from across the globe remain healthy and strong. I’ve had the tremendous opportunity to play pickleball in various countries and as a result, have been blessed with friends in many regions. Not a day, sometimes hourly, goes by that Brandon (my husband) and I don’t wonder, “I wonder how so and so is doing”. We are thinking of you all and hoping for the best outcomes across the globe.

In this extraordinary time, one way to keep your sanity and keep the body moving is to get your pickleball fix in the safety of your own home. Here are a few videos that you can replicate or may give you some ideas for new ones. These videos have some common themes – the importance of practice, consistency and building good reaction skills. No matter our age, these are essential for a winning pickleball game. Wall drills that are very effective and can be done on your own to improve your reactions, feel and ultimately your game.

Ready to watch? Check out these 6 pickleball videos for drill ideas you can do at home or on your own somewhere:

Pickleball Solo Wall Drills

Put down a line of tape (or chalk) 7 feet from wall and 36” up the wall to simulate the net with 34” inches in the center. Then tape out a small box for your target. In this video, Glen shares that “every time I hit a ball, I want to have a target” and I 100% agree with that! Work on your consistency, see the ball and work on good fundamentals. This video has 63k+ views, 870 likes.


In-Home Pickleball Exercises – Part 1

Simone Jardim’s video was just live-streamed a few days ago. At the 15-minute mark, this personal challenge is excellent. Do the kitchen to baseline drill which starts at 32-minute mark.




Here are a few more variations of wall drills to help with fundamentals and offer some variation.

Backboard Wall Drills for Pickleball

This video has 125k+ views, 888 likes.



Backboard Wall Drills for Pickleball Volume 2

This video has 27k+ views, 225 likes.



Pickleball Wall Drills – How to Play by Yourself

This video has 25k+ views, 216 likes.


Fast Hands at the Net – Pickleball Volley Wall Drill

This video has 17k+ views, 306 likes.

21 comments on “Pickleball Drills at Home”

  1. Hi Jennifer,
    As the new head of training at Tellico Village, Tn (yes you did a great clinic here), I have decided to write up one new pickleball skills and drills lesson for every day our courts remain closed. I will share these with our training instructors when our courts re-open. This way the more days the courts are closed, the more drills our club will have to draw on, and the more our players will benefit. Stay safe! Dave Brigham

    1. Hello Dave, that is a great idea and a wonderful way to spend some of your extra time 🙂 I know your players will really appreciate that, for we all have some extra energy to spend! Hugs to “ya all” there at TV, for it is truly a special place!

  2. Hey Jennifer, thanks for watching my little video about the Do-it-yourself pickleball workout station. Stay healthy and safe during this stressful time and we will be on the courts in no time. Inspire, be inspired and always PADDLE UP! Miguel Enciso

  3. Hi Jennifer, you’re the BEST!! Can you teach me to be a better defender of low shots to the body? This has happened frequently, as you know….AND I don’t like it!! Thank you, did I say you’re the BESTEST!!

    1. Hello, my friend Keith! Hummm for you, I think you are doing great and should continue to play against me and Alex Hamner 🙂

  4. WOW! AWESOME, just what i needed to get me up off the couch. I use the wall drills all the time didn’t know they would get popular I did them when I first started pickleball. I find it hard to find a place to hit on the wall though in garage is too loud and some wall have bricks, but I will find a way, if I just have to hit on brick wall, Simone, those were fantastic, thank you.. thank you so much I will incorporate those now and forever, maybe I will loose more weight Hallelujah! This was just AWESOME, beginning to think you PROS do love us and think about us….. 🙂 Simone love you awesome…. there no words to express my gratitude…. hope to meet you guys one day…..

    1. Julia, I love your reply and enthusiasm! Keep active and the great attitude – until our paths cross again on the court. Hugs!

  5. love it. 100 in a row in a tiny target box on my wall? Ok I have a pretty big goal and challenge! Thanks so much Jennifer!

  6. At the preschool where I work, the number of children attending is understandably low, and a I have been transferred from my toddler position to teaching six 7-year-olds, 4 hours a day. The children have parents in essential positions, including a couple of doctors and a nurse. The silver lining is that I have been teaching them pickleball on the outdoor basketball court. No net, and too small an area for my portable, but the concrete is a 4-square. We are having great fun! Your videos will be inspiring for them to practice at home.

    1. Kathy, wow that is a great share! What fun and a way to keep them busy and burn some energy. If allowed I would love a photo of them in action, or even a group photo that I could share, showing that these drill ideas are for children too. We can chat more if you want to email me at: je******@al***********.com LOVE IT!

  7. Thanks Jennifer, I appreciate your time in putting this all together. Now I have lots of homework and something to help me get off the couch.

  8. Park was shut done after my 2nd game! Will find a wall a practice so that when we resume, I can kick my friend’s butt (the one who’s teaching me to play!).

    Thank you for these great resources!

  9. Jennifer,
    Thank you for sending out the “in Home” Pickleball drills. I built a backboard in my garage about 5 years ago, and have been using it regularly ever since. I believe it has been the most efficient way to improve my game. I’ve been preaching this method to many other players I’ve come in contact with, but it pretty much went on deaf ears. I didn’t have the credentials & notoriety, like you do, to entice them to try using a backboard. Now that they have the time, and YOU sent out this blog, maybe they’ll try it.

    I live in The Villages, and when I turned 70, I was advised by many older players that my game would now “start to rapidly deteriorate” because of age. I’m 75 now, and I’ve advanced from 3.5 to 4.5+. I owe it all to regular practice on a backboard, and all the things I’ve learned, and built up while “hitting the wall.”
    Thanks again.

    1. Hello Bill, thank you for your great reply! I love that you have been doing these drills for awhile – you are one up on me. Keep having fun with your pickleball and congrats on getting to 4.5+!! 🙂

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