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Pickleball in Singapore is alive and well. Following my Thailand adventure, I caught a quick flight to the diverse island of Singapore to explore, meet new pickleball players and teach a few clinics. Wow, this futuristic urban center boasts a blend of Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, Arab and English cultures and how cool it is…. Lots to see and do!

Singapore is one of the wealthiest countries in the world so it can be a bit on the expensive side, although, with regard to food there are awesome alternatives to restaurants–hawker centers (food courts). There, I really enjoyed eating and experiencing a wide variety of Singaporean foods.


The famous Marina Bay Sands. Enjoyed a cocktail on the top floor – Cheers!


Sampling different types of wonderful food with friends.

Getting around on Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) is a pickleball travelers dream–easy and inexpensive. Because weather in Singapore is hot and humid year-round, the air-conditioned MRT is perfect. Singapore housing communities have great athletic facilities and many include pickleball courts… some air-conditioned! As a result, pickleball is mostly played indoors in gymnasiums.

My friend Janet Lye who has grown up and lives in Singapore shared that pickleball started in Singapore around 1988. Janet plays at Whampoa Constituency Sports Club Pickleball Interest Group and is a great advocate for the sport and a true international ambassador. She goes on to say:

We play mainly in what are called Community Clubs. Of the 108 community clubs in Singapore, there are about 35 clubs actively playing pickleball. Each club usually has about 30-40 members so it would be safe to say that there are about 800 players given the fact that some are a member of several community clubs.

In addition, there are also 3 sports hall that have active pickleball Interest Group playing. This would probably be 150 players in total. In total, a rough guide would be about 950-1000 pickleball players in Singapore.

Why do Singaporeans love their pickleball?

It started off as a sport to encourage the aging to be active in their lifestyle after retirement or housewives who have some free time in the morning to play a sport. In those days, tournaments were allowed only for 45 years and above. It became a sport only for the aged.

Over the last 10 years, the pickleball scene has changed to include younger players and the growth is tremendous. Many of us have turned to social media and google search to learn how to improve on the game and also how the rest of the world is playing this fastest growing sport!

Many Singaporeans are playing tournaments now as was the case during our Thailand trip. 34 players from Singapore traveled to the 1st Annual Hua Hin 2019 Thailand Open Tournament which as Janet put it “has indeed put the little red dot on the pickleball map.”

Social media has really helped pickleball communities worldwide come together fueling enthusiasm and growth of the sport. If you’re considering venturing off to a new place, use these tools for locations and contacts:

Facebook (a club, group or friend of friends)
A Google search of an area to the happening and contact information
Places 2 Play (USAPA website)

So, if pickleball in far-off lands is on your bucket list check out Singapore! From beautiful waterfront promenades to amazing cultural sights and from spectacular indoor gardens and the idyllic Supertree Grove to the observation tower on top of the Marina Bay Sands. And the food…

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Exploring Chinatown with really cool murals all around.

9 comments on “Pickleball in Singapore”

  1. Hi Jennifer
    I am visiting my parents in Singapore from May 24 till Jun 24, 2023. I would love to play some pickleball during my stay. Any recommendations?
    I brought my paddle with me.
    I am staying at telok blangah drive.

    1. Hi Eileen
      Somehow i missed this message.
      Are you still in Singapore?

      You want to contact me at 94555786 for some pickleball games>

      Janet Lye

  2. My lady friend is very anxious to try pickleball. She has ordered a beginner set and now just needs a place to try the game! $60 an hour for private lessons is way out of budget. Are there public courts where she will be welcome to develop her game?

  3. Hi Jennifer,

    I am a good Pickleball Player (I play it with my grand parents) now I think it is getting famous and one day I will be an international player 😛 who knows.

    Well am glad to see it getting famous.

  4. Singapore was really privileged to have such a legend from the USA visiting us and connect us thru conducting a clinic. For the rest of subscribers, we welcome you to explore The Little Red Dot ? and come
    Experience pickleball exchange with us. Language is never a problem because pickleball is all about the language of love and passion for the sport.

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