Pickleball on CBS Sunday Morning

CBS Sunday Morning Pickleball

Sunday, August 7, 2022, CBS Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley will feature a segment on pickleball. Time to schedule your TV recorder or watch it live. This is another first in the pickleball world; more and more big-time media are highlighting the history, players, popularity, and of course the love of pickleball. I’m excited to tune in and watch, but I must confess that I’ve been recording the CBS Sunday Morning weekly shows for years. It’s one of my favorites and the fact that a favorite show has our favorite sport on it… SO AWESOME!

As you may have witnessed over the past year, many big companies and big media are finally understanding pickleball is a big deal (not dill) and want to add it to their content. One could argue they “need” to add it to their content to stay relevant. The popularity and awareness of pickleball speaks for itself. More big exposure coming soon include ESPN, National Geographic, and others. LOVE THAT! I say welcome to pickleball.



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  1. Hello Jennifer & all players–Have seen the clip of the CBS Morning Pickleball. Very glad to see you and Alex receive the recognition you both deserve. Your Blog has been both fun and interesting with some varied opinions on certain issues. Today also a BREAKOUT in the Pickleball World–CBS Network Debut!! Look forward to more and more coverage! “Go Play” ):

  2. Loved the report on cbs Sunday morning today I am a Pickleball player in Orlando who will be visiting bainbridge Aug 22 to 26. Do you teach lessons?

  3. Pushpa Mirchandani

    Planning and hoping I can make it to Malaga this year. All the best and look forward to getting your association. Thanks

  4. Hilary Hilton Marold

    Hello AP:) I do think this show does do a longer segment than your average news show, so that will be good.. You have no idea when it will air though?? If you find out, keep us all informed please!!

    1. Hola Sharon! No idea if I am on the show but so happy pickleball will be included in their lineup. Hope our paths cross in Baja soon!

  5. Phyllis PASCAZIO

    I do believe pickleball has achieved critical mass. It’s not going away now. I’m happy to be riding this wave and welcoming new players whenever they arrive. Pickleball rocks on so many levels.

  6. They did a lot of filming for the segment on Bainbridge Island, including at Court#1 and at the new Founders Court where next week’s Founders Tournament will be held.
    Looking forward to seeing it!

    1. Jay, yep, time will tell. I agree, the coverage is never long enough. On this show, I would assume the length of the segment is short, but I hope it’s great!

      1. Exciting! I’ve been playing since 2007 in Ohio and it has been awesome to see the growth of the game. I have your signature in your book after attending your presentation in The Villages in 2019!

        1. Hello David, glad you are still loving your pickleball and LOVE that you came to my presentation, I am hoping to get back to The Villages soon.

  7. Well, we can hope it will be better/more interesting/more Pickleball than every other talk-show segment has been.

    1. Yes, we can always hope. As I learned from researching and shared in my History of Pickleball book, through the years the founders would be interviewed by the media and it seemed that they often misspelled the sport, made up something or such. I have no idea what will air, I just know that they will have pickleball and that makes me so happy. Rick, after you watch on Sunday you’ll have to report back here and share what you thought.

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