Pickleball Pro Exhibition Format 2015, The Villages, FL

The third annual Pickleball Pro Exhibition is now in the record books. This year’s event sold out at 534 tickets allowing all spectators a front row seat on one of multiple courts. Jeff and Anita Shank coordinated the three-day event and boy did they do a fabulous job.

Here is a brief summary of the events format and schedule:

Like last year, Friday included a “Play with the Pro” event. We got half way through the sessions before rain fell and shut us down. Luckily the weather for the remaining days was perfect. The main event took place March 28 and 29. On Saturday the Pros showcased their skills in an exhibition type “tournament”.

It was mainly men’s doubles and ladies doubles with a few singles and mixed games at the end of each session. There were 50 spectators on each of the four courts which allowed for front row seating (how cool is that!) during which time the players rotated courts. Play was for 90 minutes and then a 30 minute break to get the current spectators off the courts and get the next session in. Saturday events started at 8:00 am and finished around 3:30 pm. Funny thing is that we all kept playing until after 4 pm. Go figure…

Pro photo

Saturday night was a pot luck where the Pros were two to a table to allow for one-on-one questions and of course more pickleball conversation (and a group photo with us all dressed up – can you recognize all the Pro’s?)  On Sunday the Pros gave clinics to our locals. This was similar to Saturday, but with shorter sessions and allowed for questions and answers. Four Pros to a court where we talked and demonstrated skills for the hour. Jeff would stop us and rotate each foursome after 20 minute time span so that each of the three courts got to interact with all sets of players sharing their insight. Of course the group I was with had the crowd doing the wave and lots of interaction and laughter… After all, it is pickleball!

Pro Exhibition

More information prior to the event see this previous post.

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  1. “O, beware, my lord, of jealousy;
    It is the green-ey’d monster, which doth mock
    The meat it feeds on.”

    Nonetheless, jealous I am.

  2. Marie from Florida

    I attended this event and I learned so much. I was surprised how different the play is up close verses watching the videos from my computer. In person it is wonderful and the players are so fast. Thank you to all the pros for showing us what the top level of pickleball looks like.

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