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Did you know that you can have a strategic serve? Did you know you have many options of how and where to serve? Some players and coaches think the serve is just a way to start play – soft lob in court and game on. There is lots of debate and philosophy on this topic, but I believe you need to understand—and embrace— the wide variety of options that you have when serving. Whether you need to be more cautious and just get it in, or you’re ahead in points and can risk a bit or you just need to change the rhythm there are great options available. The video links below show serves that should be a part of your repertoire; from the power serve Alex Hamner highlights to the high soft serve I show or of course follow my dad’s soft angle serve to further mix up your serving rhythm.

Happy Serving!


3 comments on “Pickleball serve”

  1. Hi Jennifer,
    Success ! Finally back to 98-99% serving. Slowed my swing speed just a bit and ball drop and timing same each time. Lots of practice paid off. Please let us know when and if CBS Sports will show replays of the Open from Naples. P.S. Our new player enjoying her new Prince Response Pro paddle !

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    Started playing in July of 2017. Never had problems serving until 3 weeks ago. Felt like I was back on the golf course with my driver. Pull hook / slice. Very depressing missing serves and potential points, so I have been watching yours and Alex videos. I noticed how you both drop the ball the exact same way each time. I realized that I have been dropping too far in front causing the pull hook and dropping too close causing the slice. Have been practicing after playing and hopefully return to a 98% success rate. Thanks for the videos.

  3. This post was really helpful- my serve needs help and I will definitely use a reference! Thank you Jennifer!

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