Pickleball Superstar Dorie Nagy

Here is one of many stories of a passionate pickleball player with a big heart. My friends Cookie Drake and DeAnne (Dee) Davison shared stories of Dorie with me, and how Dorie was THE ONE that introduced them to pickleball – together they sent me the following heartwarming notes:

The growing sport Pickleball, invented in 1965, continues to impact many generations!  Not until recently has the game experienced such an explosion of growth, and a great deal of credit can be given to the retired baby-boomers groups who have made Pickleball their new addiction. It has become a way to hang out with friends, get some exercise, gently banter with peers, laugh and enjoy a competitive (or not-so-competitive) game of Pickleball.


In the fall of 2006, friends of Dorie Nagy encouraged her to join them for a game of Pickleball at Sun City Grand, AZ, where she resided. Soon Dorie would replace her passion for tennis with love for Pickleball, and develop a group that would play in the evenings for fun and exercise.  A strong bond was formed amongst the evening players; so much so, that when Dorie & Jules moved to Sun City Festival, AZ, she invited her ‘Grand Pickleball family’ to meet her ‘Festival Pickleball family’.  One night a week, several players from each community would travel between to meet for friendly, sociable and fun games of Pickleball.

Why is Pickleball popular in retirement communities?  It has proved to be a game all ages, and all abilities, can play while socializing and exercising. It creates a sense of belonging within our community, bringing us together as a family with strong bonds, and Dorie would add


Dorie’s impact on the Sun City Festival Pickleball club has been HUGE!  She greets you with a “Good Morning!” at competitive morning play, followed by a BIG smile and an encouraging nudge to try evening Pickleball.  Many players will tell you Dorie was the motivational spirit who propelled them past beginner fears and made them feel welcome- NOT INVISIBLE!

Recently, a surprise 70th Birthday party was held for Dorie and words can’t describe the positive energy she absorbed- just look at that SMILE BEAMING from her face!  We Love You Dorie!  Nanci Bent summed up our love for Dorie with adjectives formed from her name:

D  –  is for your dedication to pickleball and to helping all of us improve our game.

O  –  is for the outstanding model person you are both on and off the court.

 –  is for the respect we have for you as our pickleball guru.

I   –  is for the inspiration you provide us though your positive support.

E  –  is for everyone who knows and loves you.

Due to health reasons, Dorie & Jules life journey will be changing once again as they move from Sun City Festival back to Sun City Grand…her mark on both communities is alive through evening Pickleball play!

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  1. Thank you Jennifer, for including a lady who is dear to our hearts, on your blog. She is not a tournament player but she is always there to support all of us. So nice of you to highlight such a lovely person.

    1. Hello Ellie, thank you for your nice comment, but all players beginning to tournament level know that pickleball has spread throughout the world from special people just like Dorie. Blooming where they are planted 🙂 HUGS!

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