Pickleball Videos

Videos to Enjoy! There are thousands of pickleball videos online so here are a few Pickleball Hall of Famer Jennifer Lucore has been a part of. The BEST ONES TO DATE to understand the dos and don’ts of the mysterious kitchen (non-volley zone) are from Pickleball Channel. See below: “The Most Complete Pickleball Non-Volley Rule video” 400k+ views and “Three Myths about Being in the Kitchen” 89k+ views.

This first video was captured by luck! 35 Hit Rally, the last point in a final, and yes it is an oldie!  How many hits did it take to finally get to the kitchen line? This 2016 video has over 1.8k shares and 177k+ views on Facebook. Below is same video on YouTube.



Reasons to be cheerful podcast

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