Plantar Fascitis – What is it?


Guest Post from Justin Rodgers of Arizona. Graphic courtesy:

Hello pickleball players! I was out playing pickleball yesterday and experienced some discomfort on the bottom of my right foot. I knew right away what it was; a mild case of plantar fasciitis. The plantar fascia ligament is a long fibrous tissue that connects your heel bone to your toes and helps form the arch of your foot. Since ligaments are rigid and have minimal contractile or elastic properties(like muscles do) they do not stretch easily and can become irritated with over activity(i.e. pickleball or running). Small tears can develop in the tissue resulting in pain and inflammation. Symptoms often include an aching, burning, or stabbing sensation on the bottom of the foot. When I experience a flare up, it feels like my arch is on fire. These symptoms can be worse first thing in the morning when the ligament is cold and stiff, or after high level activity when it is fatigued and swollen.

In my next post, I will discuss the best ways for a pickleball player to prevent plantar fasciitis, followed by a third post that will explain the best ways to treat it. I hope all is well out on the courts!

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  1. Hi…I’m from alberta Canada and have been on casa grande playing p. Ball for two months. Absolutely love the game and am addicted, however, in the last few days have had a problem with my foot. I’m now self diagnosed with Plantars fasciats….thanks for your info.. It helped. Will now have to rest for a bit…but…I can’t give up the game….

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