Schedule of the Pickleball Pro Exhibition, The Villages, FL

Here are the details of a great event that you may be able to replicate in your area to build the level of play and interest in pickleball.

Jeff Shank, avid pickleball player and organizer of The Villages Pickleball Pro Exhibition did an awesome job creating and coordinating (with the help of his wife Anita) the three-day event that I was lucky enough to attend. 450 attendees participated in the various sold out clinics with the 14 “pros”.

Sponsored by Villages Pickleball Club, the events included the following:

Friday: ½ hour session of doubles and be critiqued by a pro. 132 people rotated through courts with the pro to pick up tips. Each court had one pro (except Lydia and I were together so we had twice the laughs)

Saturday: 2 hour session where you bring your own chair and get front row seating – three courts going on at one time. 35 min play of the pros – then pros rotate to next court/crowd. This day we had 2 sessions, a quick lunch break, and then 2 more sessions. That is a lot of spectators with eight hours of pro play on a sunny day…. I slept good that night 🙂

Sunday: 1 hour sessions, bring your chair, pick a court and questions/answers with a group of pros. The pros would rotate court to court. We did three sessions back to back.

Both club members and the general public attended with the general public having only a 15 minute window of opportunity to purchase remaining, limited tickets. Capped at 450 tickets, the participants’ experience and lessons remained up-close and personal. Jeff shared that people lined up for 45 minutes awaiting the chance to purchase a ticket.  Maybe we should call them “Golden Tickets!”

clinic layout

3 comments on “Schedule of the Pickleball Pro Exhibition, The Villages, FL”

  1. Jeff Shank

    i’m affiliated with the Green Valley Recreation Pickle ball Club and we would like to replicate your Pro Exhibition. I’d like to talk with you about some of the details for your exhibition. My phone is 520.248.2334. If you want to set up a specific date and time please email me. Thanks and I look forward to taking with you.

    Blaine Nisson

  2. I have enjoyed the PB pro exhibition the last two years while visiting in The Villages. Can you tell me when the pro exhibition will be in 2015? I even brought PB back to Erie Pa and 65 of us now play at the “Y” year round. Pickle on!

    1. Hello Barbara, the 2015 Pro Exhibition in The Villages, FL will be March 27 – 29. Best to contact The Villages Pickleball Club for all the details. I will be there again this year, so please make sure you come say hi and introduce yourself to me. Congrats on spreading pickleball to Erie, PA!! Great Job 🙂

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