Send Barney a Birthday Card

The last surviving founder of pickleball, Barney McCallum, turns 90 years old in September, so let’s send Barney a birthday card.  Doesn’t that sound FUN! If you’d like to join in this birthday celebration just send your wishes in the month of September, 2016 to:

c/o Barney McCallum
1144 NW 52nd ST
Seattle, WA 98107

Yahoo, a birthday celebration for a wonderful man – Send Barney a Birthday Card.

Barney and Carol


send barney a birthday card


send barney a birthday card
August 2016, Beverly Youngren, Barney McCallum and Jennifer Lucore talking pickleball and having fun together in Seattle, WA.

36 comments on “Send Barney a Birthday Card”

  1. Happy birthday to you and thanks for the super game you gave us. Thanks too for the interview you let us do in 2009. Let’s do it again.

  2. Happy Birthday Barney and thank you for coming up up up with Pickleball. Haven’t loved anything so much since dancing.
    Hope you’re still swinging that paddle.

  3. Happy Birthday Barney! And thank you so much for blessing me and so many others around the world with something to be passionate about again. Thank you.

  4. Bill and I are sending a personalized Birthday card to him. I wish I could see him with all his cards. I think you did a good thing!

    Dana and Bill Brown Happy Trails Pickleball Club!

  5. Happy Birthday ? ? Thank you for this fabulous sport which I started playing 3 years ago. Our small town citizens on the shores of Lake MI have converted 3 old tennis courts into 8 new pickleball courts. 100 members and growing. I play with a portable net and painted lines on the road in my subdivision with neighbors and children and grandchildren. My 8 year old granddaughter called & asked, “grandma, guess what I got?” A pickleball net, paddle, and balls!!!!
    Thank you & your family ????

  6. Happy Birthday Barney. What would we retirees do without Pickleball. We play 3 days a week in Parksville, BC, Canada and 5 days a week in Yuma, Az through the winter months. Pickleball keeps us active and youne…….thank you

  7. Happy Birthday, Barney! ??????. I love playing Pickleball??❤️??❤️ I started playing Pickleball about 2 years ago. I liked it so much that I got my daughter and her friend to play. We play at Jarboe Park in Neptune Beach, FL. We have a great time playing whether we win or lose! It’s great exercise and great social interaction? We are “Pickled”?
    Thank you. I hope you have a terrific day?

  8. I sent my snail mail card today and would also love to know just how many cards Barney receives. Such a great story and what a treasure he has given all of us. Happy 90th, here’s to many more!

  9. Happy 90th Birthday from San Antonio!! We at the Del Webb Community- Hill Country Retreat lOvE our pickelball!! Jan Peters

  10. I am sooo very happy to have a chance to send you a happy birthday message! I am addicted to the game and have been almost ever since I learned it. I now have a paid job as siting others to play and learn the game. It is one of the greatest joys of my life. Thank You.

  11. Happy Birthday Barney! I want to thank you for making my retirement the best ever due to the came of pickleball!! I have met the BEST people!! And have enjoyed a workout you can not beat! Thank you!!!

  12. Happy 90th
    Birthday card will arrive via snail mail as this little Postie from Victoria, British Columbia is thrilled beyond measure to celebrate a wonderful man and ambassador to Pickleball.
    Happy Birthday!

  13. Thanks Barney. Millions of people are greatly enjoying playing the game you helped develop. We have 6 new Dedicated Pickleball Courts in Lincoln Nebraska partly because of your vision and hard work The courts are full most every day. Many people across the nation are getting exercise, having fun and meeting lots of new people.Thanks Thanks Thanks!

  14. Have a wonderful and happy Birthday Barney.
    Here in San Diego the sport has grown ( still growing) From one facility to 30 facilities in the past six years. That is in honor of you and your friends great imagination in creating this great sport.
    Thank you,
    Terry K.

  15. Dear Barney, A big Happy Happy Birthday!!!! I can’t believe that Pickleball has been around for some time and yet, I just heard about it and started playing it 4 years ago! A fun game and a great workout! Thank you for adding this wonderful sport to my life.

  16. Happy birthday to a super fella. I really enjoyed talking to him when we did the 2009 interview for USAPA. What is the best way to get a card to him that he can read for sure?

  17. Happy Birthday dear sir! Thank you ever so much for all your input on Pickleball! May you be blessed many times over! Pickleball rules!

  18. Kay Henderson Greene

    HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BARNEY! I wish we all had the pleasure of your company… and personal stories about this terrific game/sport you so generously shared with the whole world. “The World of PICKLEBALL” — what a legacy. I’m lucky to have been introduced to this fun-filled, healthy, extraordinary “journey.”

    A world of thanks and love to you, your compatriots and families. . . for a truly wonderful “trip!”

  19. Fantastic idea Jennifer! I’m so proud to be part of such a great sport – thanks for Barney and all the founders. I will definitely send a birthday card to him——Thanks for your BLOG too! Loretta 🙂

  20. Barney would have the biggest smile to know how pickleball has touched your life. Send him a card….don’t put it off…and that will be the best gift you could give him!

  21. I am very happy to wish Barney all the best on his landmark birthday…Thanks for what you and your pals did by inventing the best game in the world?

    1. Hey Jay, Barney does not use a computer or have a cell phone, no high tech for him. BUT he loves to talk about pickleball. What’s going on now, where people play, why they love it, etc… He can’t believe the growth of the sport – he says he “just can’t believe it” with a big grin on his face.

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