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Shop Pickleball Gifts!  Here are some brands that I use and highly recommend. Shop with the links and coupon codes below and you’ll SAVE money. Happy shopping for these pickleball gifts!

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Mr Pickle Pickleball Artwear – SAVE 20%

Are you looking for the perfect, fun pickleball clothing item? Mr Pickle has lots of choices. Choose from Pickles the Dog items to Sparkle and Shine Pickleball Wear. You know I love my pickleball history AND sharing fun Pickles clothing worldwide makes me happy. Let’s keep our beloved Pickles’ history alive in the form of art you can wear, and YES pickleball was named after the dog.

See the fun clothes!

SAVE 20% with coupon code: LUCORE    (ALL CAPS)

Pickleball History

Give the Gift of Pickleball

History of Pickleball – More Than 50 Years of Fun! is a perfect gift for that pickleball lover. Of course, I highly recommend it (since I am co-author with my mom) but so do all the 5-star Amazon Book Reviews and our governing body USA Pickleball Association endorsement: “A book that is as vital to our game as the paddle, ball, net, lines, and third shot – Jennifer Lucore and Beverly Youngren have given us the story of our game’s history.”

Order your own AUTOGRAPHED COPY and/or send it as a gift with your custom message. 

Pickleball Central

Pickleball Central Discount Code CRALL

Shop online for the biggest selection of all pickleball equipment at Pickleball Central. You need the stuff, why not save $$ and use my code.

SAVE 5% by using my Pickleball Central discount code:  CRALL

Shopping for the right products can improve your game and allow you to have more FUN! In some cases I do earn a commission on your purchase, at no additional cost to you, which allows me to have this website for you with no ads and all learning and FUN!

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