Time Out – Let’s Dance

Time outs in pickleball tournament play can be a big deal. So many things can happen in the one-minute rest and regroup. I just came across a video clip I had taken from the stands as I watched a Pro Men’s Doubles match at the 2016 US Open Championships in Naples, Florida.

The team of Scott Moore and Brian Ashworth were playing against Marcin Rozpedski and Morgan Evans. The match is for the bronze medal title in the first ever US Open Championships. This is a big deal. The crowd is pumped and enjoying the intense competiton.

Watch this unconventional time out…

Tine Out – Let’s Dance!

Brian Ashworth (the beard) explains the time out for us “We lost the first game 9-11 and we were in the second game and behind 4-6. TIME OUT. I go get my drink (you’ll see him leave and come back in the video) and it seemed Scott was a little frustrated, needed to forget about pickleball for one minute and have some fun. So I guess he needed to dance! We won that game 12-10. And went on to win the third game 11-8.”

Scott Moore shares: “Second game I was stressing out, missing some shots, getting down on myself, so I called my wife on the court, did a little dance from long time ago, and forgot about pickleball for a minute. It really relaxed me and I was ready to go back out and really focus.”

WOW, that is some time out. Great team support (and dip) from Scott’s wife Susan.

Did it work for the dancing team? Yes

Only in pickleball… Time Out – Let’s Dance

Want to see more? Check out the winners interview from Pickleball Channel

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  1. You and Alex are responsible for bringing this life long tennis player to the pickleball court. Can’t wait to meet you in person.

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