Top 7 Third Shot Drop Videos

The third shot drop is arguably the most difficult, yet one of the most important shots to master in the game of pickleball. So, I’ve gathered my top video picks to help YOU view, learn and practice the ever-elusive third shot drop.

Real quick – What is the third shot drop? The third shot drop is a shot or long dink performed at or near the baseline that lands softly in the opponent’s kitchen (non-volley zone). This shot is designed with mostly one thing in mind – to allow your team time to get to (or at least move toward) the net. Secondly, it is intended to be a ball that your opponent can’t attack. Why third? Because it is the third shot, right after the serve and return of serve.

Okay, moving on… Here are the top videos listed in order by most views.


Basic Third Shot Drop – Building A Solid Foundation
Here Sarah Ansboury does a good job explaining in detail the many things to consider as well as the why and how. Pros all have a different twist on technique, so it’s good to see and hear a variety of explanations; then you can embrace the technique that is right for you.
Sarah Ansboury 2016 video with over 299,000 views.


3rd Shot Success with Dave Weinbach
Great insight into grip pressure, moving forward and my favorite “don’t chase the garbage”.
PrimeTime Pickleball 2018 video with over 136,700 views.


Pickleball 411: Improve Your Third Shot Drop with Wes Gabrielsen
This video is one of my all-time favorites and I share it as a follow up with all my students. Again, the visuals are great to help the viewer really understand how the flight of the ball should travel. The ball toss is great for beginners of all ages.
Pickleball Channel 2015 video with over 110,500 views.


Pickleball 411: Third Shot Drill
Here’s an early on video from 2014, but still good stuff. I especially like the visuals and explanation of the APEX of the ball BEFORE the net, the ARC of the ball and the SPLIT STEP demonstration. Brian and Matt Staub of The Villages, FL (father and son) do a good job demonstrating.
Pickleball Channel 2014 video with over 85,000 views.


Coach Catherine – 3rd Shot Drop Drills
Just released is Simone Jardim’s brand new YouTube channel showcasing proper third shot drop techniques along with drills to help you become more consistent. Catherine Parenteau demonstrates how she does her shots hitting with Simone.
Simone Jardim Pickleball video posted just a few days ago (November 2019) with over 5,000 views.

Ways to Practice Your Third Shot Drop

Master the Third Shot Drop
Here are ways to PRACTICE what you have learned and master this important pickleball shot. You’ll see me on center court at the .54 second mark.
This 2018 Pickleball Channel video currently has over 57,400 views

Jennifer Lucore hits her third shot drop on center court at the US Open. See this on .54 second mark of the video “Master the third shot drop.”



Improve Your Drop Shot with this Easy Drill
If you have access to one or two portable nets, this simple drill is for you.
This 2016 Pickleball Channel video currently has over 21,400 views


I hope these video links are helpful to you. If you have any comments or questions please leave them below, and SHARE this with your pickleball friends.

8 comments on “Top 7 Third Shot Drop Videos”

  1. Hi Jennifer, Great topic for your blog! My favorite time to do the 3rd drop is when I’m in left court opposing a right-handed player.
    in their left court.When and if I can drop in the right corner of the kitchen, they must backhand the return. Often times, the ball pops up to me or my partner for the kill. Thanks for the videos.

  2. Wow, you have them all right here, like a 3SD playlist…thanks! Now I can share with my pball class. ;-) Thanks Jen!

  3. The third shot drop now that’s a play
    I try it and try it what can I say
    I hit them to deep or into the net
    On so many attempts I say “what the heck”
    But practice I will and practice I must
    Or else my 3rd shot drop will be a bust
    It’s the best way I know to the kitchen line
    So I’ll keep trying – it will come with time
    And I know it will raise my level of play
    As I strive to be as good as Jennifer someday!
    Keep trying!

    1. Greg, you are so creative! ? I love it, thanks for putting that poem together – I will share it with others. Take care!

  4. These videos are so helpful. I have been working hard to improve my third shot drop and a having good success. It has changed my game strategy and helps me take more control to slow the ball down against the heavy hitters. Thanks for these, I will be sharing them with others who are working to improve their game.

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