2014 Pickleball Tournament of Champions – Women’s Doubles, Masters

The professional video is done – Yay!  Check out the points, we all had some great rallies. The video talks about the change in Alex Hamner’s and my game in that we brought much more of a soft game. Yes we know how to dink :-)   Brian Staub, the color commentary, explains the points well and the strategy to the placement and pace of the ball. Congratulations to both Gigi LeMaster and Adina Jones, they are fabulous players and the four of us are lucky to have made it to the finals – the competition was tough!

It is always rewarding to watch a video of yourself when you know you did well, because for me, when playing I just focus on each point and I do not remember all the individual points and games. Good or bad – that’s just how my brain works. Alex did awesome as always; as you may know we have been playing pickleball together for a few years and the matches and journeys with her are PRICELESS. Thank you Alex for your partnership, laughs and friendship!

TOC womens doubles







Lucore Hamner Gold in Ogden

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  1. Elizabeth Higginbottom

    Great match, Jennifer! Awesome playing, as usual. I sure will miss watching you play in person. Look us up if you get back to The Villages this year. :D

    1. Elizabeth, thanks so much for the kind comment… I will let you know when I will be in that area – I love The Villages and traveling via golf cart :-) Hugs to you and Bob!

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