Traveling Utah to Spain and Italy

Posted: 10/15  | October 2015 

I am sure behind in my blog posts for jennifer’s pickleball blog…. so much of the world to see and such sad internet connections from land and the cruise ship on the Mediterranean Sea. Since my last post here is a summary of my travels:

Tournament of Champions – UT.  Had an awesome time in Brigham City and won GOLD in Women’s Open Doubles (Alex Hamner) and bronze in Mixed Doubles (Timothy Nelson). Flew back home to San Diego, CA for one day and repacked for our European adventure! 9 days in Madrid, Spain with the Pickleball Tour Spain

and during that time the International Pickleball Tournament was held with over 10 countries participating. There I had a unique opportunity to play with my parents where we won GOLD in women’s 19+ doubles (Bev Youngren) and GOLD in mixed doubles (Bob Youngren) – PRICELESS. When the tour ended Brandon and I headed to Barcelona, Spain, and jumped on a cruise ship for a 12-day Mediterranean Sea cruise of France and Italy….  I am on board now (Venice in a few hours) hoping my internet will work…  Stay tuned for details and stories from so many things: the TOC tournament, Pickleball Tour Spain tour (new crazy pickleball friends from Tennessee 🙂 )  lessons learned from teaching players from all over the world, and journeys through France, Italy, and Croatia.


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