Upcoming Tournament of Champions, Ogden, UT

Two weeks away from the beginning of the second annual Tournament of Champions. This is an awesome tournament and location and so great for the sport of pickleball. This year there will be CASH prizes of $46,500. Players are getting their game ready to battle with the best. If you are not participating but near the Ogden area, you have to come on by and experience this wonderful venue and competition.  I enjoy playing, but I equally enjoy watching the competition of the men – doubles and singles. Lots of passionate players with tricks up their sleeves.

Good Luck Pickleball Players!

Will some play just for the money, probably,
will most play “for the love of the game” YES!

Upcoming 2014 Tournament of Champions Video

Registration and Player list

The courts are nestled in the shadows of the majestic Mt. Odgen Peak at the Gullo Pickleball Grotto. Here’s a photo from last year with Alex Hamner checking out the courts…

Ogden, UT courts

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