USAPA Nationals LIVE from Arizona

That’s right- for the first time ever- USAPA is providing a FREE live stream broadcast of the Nationals VII Open and Senior Open Days on November 13, 14, and 15th. You are able to watch matches from USAPA Nationals LIVE during the broadcast times or On Demand once matches are over.

We’ve seen some awesome play so far here in Casa Grande, Arizona, and there are so many more matches to come, so don’t miss out!

Broadcast Times:
– Friday, Nov. 13:  Open & Senior Open Men’s and Women’s Doubles (1pm-7pm)
– Saturday, Nov. 14:  Open & Senior Open Mixed Doubles (1pm-7pm)
– Sunday, Nov. 15:  Open & Senior Open Men’s and Women’s Singles (10am-4pm)

Visit USAPA for instructions on creating an account and viewing the livestreams!

Pickleball Nationals
Behind the scenes at the Press Conference: Fun with Daniel Moore, Alex Hamner, and Scott Moore!

Just a little preview of the fun being had at Nationals so far, so stay tuned for more updates from USAPA Nationals VII, and watch along! #NationalsVII

2 comments on “USAPA Nationals LIVE from Arizona”

  1. Watching pickleball live is really great, even though I would have preferred a result or two to go a different way!

    Alex Hamner is a super commentator, of course.

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