USAPA Nationals VII Mens Open Singles Final

USAPA Nationals VII Mens Open Singles Final. This 2015 pickleball final shows Marcin Rozpedski (dark blue shirt) vs. Daniel Moore (white shirt). This final was delayed one day due to rain. The weather during this match had 25 mph wind at 50 degrees. Awesome points by both sides!  #pickleball  #nationalsvii

5 comments on “USAPA Nationals VII Mens Open Singles Final”

  1. Amazing singles match….I always thought singles would be “one and done”….but they had lovely long rallies! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Martin (Pickleball Martin)

      Fantastic video Jennifer and great players. I have really enjoyed following the tournament from over the pond here in the UK. We have players that enjoy playing singles in the UK so hopefully we will soon have singles events introduced at our tournaments in Europe. If any of you are ever visiting London England please get in touch and I will fix up a game with you.

  2. Wow, congrats to Marcin and Daniel on such great points. I need to give singles a try. Thanks for making the video Jennifer.

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