Use it or Lose it

January, the beginning of another year… Where does the time go? I do hope you continue to find LOTS of time for FUN on the pickleball courts this year. Bring on the laughter, friendships, competition and good health.

Let’s keep you out on the pickleball court this year, “Use it or lose it” might be an age-old saying but it is one of the key secrets to vibrant aging. The reality is it’s a new year, but it’s the same you. If you’re looking for a change, make the commitment to get energized—make it a better year!

Keep moving with your pickleball – be it physically, mentally, or socially. All are such an important part of life, even more so as we age. Maybe you need more tools in your pickleball “toolbox” (lessons) or maybe you just want to play…. In either case make it a priority to get out, get moving and meet some new people in the process!

I hope our paths cross …. somewhere.  Be it a class I am teaching at the Naples Pickleball Center (NPC), San Diego County, or ??  Reminder (insider scoop) – if players bug me enough to come to visit where they live, it may happen. As an example, at Nationals years ago I had a 5-minute conversation with some folks from Nova Scotia (Canadian Province) and I said “I would love to go there someday.” They followed up with an email invitation to me, and an offer I couldn’t pass up – so, the next year I was there. Now that is FUN! (Greetings to Ian and Theresa)

My 2021 brought lots of FUN and change (both things I fully embrace): Sold our home we built 25 years ago so we could build two smaller ones in different locations. Traveled the US to compete in tournaments and teach. Picked up a new job: Co-Director of Training and Development at Naples Pickleball Center – Pickleball Capital of the World. Yes, they have 66 beautiful courts – the biggest pickleball venue in the world. My long-time doubles partner – Alex Hamner joined me as an inductee into the Pickleball Hall of Fame. Alex is the other “Co-Director” at NPC; we’re not far apart when it comes to pickleball fun. And lastly, one of my daughters got engaged – yay a wedding in May!

I wish YOU all the best in this new year, and remember – Use it or Lose it!  Keep in touch and see you out on the courts.

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  1. Hi Jennifer
    It was great meeting you today. I posted some pics on Camino Pickleball Facebook site but can’t figure out how to share on your site. 🤪 So I sent a friend request to your Facebook site hoping you’ll see it.
    Thanks for the photo op. It was fun watching you and your foursome play today
    Joe Zomar
    Camaro Stanwood Pickleball Association

  2. Hi Jennifer
    Happy for you with your new adventures.
    Pickleball opens so many opportunities for those who love the game. You bring so much enthusiasm to the sport and an inspiration to many people ( especially me 😀). Look forward to seeing your finished home.

    1. Hello Donald, yes some areas of the world are tougher to get out and play. The theme of the post is to do some movement and find the fun – if pickleball doesn’t work for you, walk, or anything to keep moving. Take care.

  3. Ginger Hadert Horn

    Hi Jen! Since meeting you at the tourney in Dripping Springs and your mom’s clinics here in Goldthwaite,, TX, our pickleball group is growing daily. Our available courts are limited (2 private, one at a church) but we are very hopeful that our city officials will vote soon to build some public courts here! In the meantime, we have a facebook page and get together whenever the temps and/or winds allow. It has been so much fun! And thank you for all the goodies you and your friends sent with your mom! I love my “ouch” paddle!! Stay well and happy!

  4. Jennifer,
    Your enthusiasm and love of life always bring a smile to my face and are apparent in the way you communicate! Thanks for that – we all need smiles and positivity.
    So, where is the pickleball – my eyesight is not what it use to be – but I am “using it,” thanks also for building the tools in my toolbox!
    Best Blog Ever!
    xoxo Candy (Traeger)

    1. Candy!!!! So funny, and yes, I have the pose and no ball – how dare I! Got to the job site and thought, hey that’s a good photo spot, but no ball. Next time! I do know you are having fun with your pickleball and the friends that surround you – keep up the good vibes my friend!

  5. Hi Jennifer! It’s Carrie from the Coronado engage camp. I have a group of people who would love to have you do a day camp or even a 1-2 hour coaching lesson with us in San Diego. We all play at the SD Tennis and racquet club but could go anywhere. Would love to see if we could make something work in San Diego. 🙂

    1. Hello Carrie, great to hear from you again… YES, let’s do something 🙂 we are so close by. I will email you. HUGS!

  6. Jennifer: there is a weekly column in the Desert Sun (Coachella Valley CA) discussing Pickleball play. Yesterday’s column suggested the best move in the future would be to go to rally scoring. I am against such a rule change, a possibility in 2023. I teach at two retirement communities. In my opinion, rally scoring would not be in the best interest of the majority coming into this great game. The serve would become a focal point, not the return of serve. I have much to say on this subject. One of the writers’ comments had to do with their saying 1 and 2 in announcing the score would be simplified. Scoring is easily learned. Developing a serve to get an advantage is not. You and your mom learned in your time studying the history of the game on Bainbridge Island that this game was developed for many, all skill levels, not just for advanced players, athletes. The scoring, the serving and receiving—all were developed for a reason. I hope our game’s ruling groups see the same and not go to rally scoring.

  7. Fun hearing from your blog 👍, and love your out look! We met your mother in law at Emeral Desert RV in December .

  8. Jennifer, so happy to hear that things are going well for you and your family. I had the privilege a couple years ago attending one of yours and Alex‘s classes here at Palm Creek, Casa Grande Arizona. Pickleball, has had such a positive effect on me and my family. I introduced my son-in-law to Pickleball eight years ago. He now has built three Pickleball courts on his property.(2 outdoor/1 indoor). My wife and I were lucky enough to build our new house on their property so I do benefit from the courts being right next-door to my place. When not wintering in Arizona, we live in Salem Oregon. Our local Pro, Wes Gabrielson visits the courts on occasion. Let me know by email someday when you are visiting in Oregon, we would love for you to grace our children’s courts. Sincerely, Jim Hoggatt

  9. I’m looking forward to watching you play at the Open in April. I’ll be competing in 2 doubles events and hoping to add singles. I enjoyed your book and frequently quote or mis-quote its contents.


  10. It was a pleasure meeting you and Alex at NPC. Hope to see you again playing some Pickleball. We will invite you to our new community in Naples when the Pickleball courts are completed. Maybe for an exhibition game.

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