Viva Spain Pickleball Tour – 4 spots just opened!

mike hess jennifer lucore
Mike Hess and Jennifer Lucore

UPDATED December 2022 | 12/22   ORIGINAL POST August 2015 | 8/15

Interesting in exploring Spain and playing pickleball? Then check out this updated website and tour information with owner and tour director Mike Hess.

Mike Hess, the tour director, was in my area yesterday (hence me learning all the above info) and we met up for some pickleball play. Here are some fun facts about Mike Hess:

Mike is a pickleball aficionado who fell in love with the sport the first time he stepped onto the court. Originally from Southern California, he has been living in Spain for the past 16 years, in both Barcelona and Madrid.

Since starting the Spanish Pickleball Association two years ago, Mike has been busy promoting the sport throughout Spain and the rest of Europe. When not on the pickleball court, Mike can be found teaching business courses in his role as a professor on the campus of CUNEF University in Madrid. He has also been active in promoting sport participation in his capacity as a Board Member of the National Senior Games Association (NSGA), where he also serves as the NSGA National Director for Basketball.

This guy loves pickleball and is sharing that passion with others through travel and experiencing the local culture.

We would love to see you in Madrid!

19 comments on “Viva Spain Pickleball Tour – 4 spots just opened!”

  1. M S Grylls-Murphy

    Learnt to play in america years ago not played since,We live near Gerona can you advise where we could play

    1. Hello – I am coming over to Girona in October from California. I would love to play with you and your husband. Is there a court nearby? My email is kw******@gm***.com if you happen to get this message.

      Katherine Dean

  2. HI Jennifer – Can you email me more info about the Malaga trip and any others that may be coming up in Spain throughout the year? How often do you plan these tours? Sounds wonderful!! I LOVE pickleball and I love to travel!

  3. Have just booked myself into the 24 Sept pickleball spain tour based in Malaga,run by Mike Hess.
    He so kindly phoned me and we had a great chat… he explained so much! The whole thing seems great ….9 days… 4 star really centrally based hotel, fair no of excellent dining meals incl, 5 days playing pickleball( 3 hrs each day),.. with top class coaching, 3 guided other City Tours, , new folk to meet! Seems I might be the first Scot to be joining one of the Tours!!

      1. Thanks Jennifer… sooo looking forward to it!!
        I’m new to the game…just been playing 4 months past decades of competitive League squash …. need to concentrate on the more subtle placement, dink, spin, lob etc side of the game a lot more….. as am a natural banger!!
        Also all aspects of tactics..🤣🤣😎😎

  4. Hola! Where are you promoting in Spain? I love to play! It’s a grate game and would like to promote in the NW of Spain and North of Portugal so other people can join the fun. Un saludo, Mari Silva.

  5. Hi. I’m keen on the Spain Pickleball Tour. I’ll be happy to receive tour itinerary such as places to play and tour and the costs for the entire trip.

    Janet lye

  6. Hola,

    I’m glad to hear you are promoting Pickleball in Spain. I’m traveling to Tarifa to kite and looking for games there. Please send me any contacts you might have there.

    Thank you, see you on the courts,
    Doug Adams

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