On my way to Florida

I am so excited… in a few days I’ll be heading across the country and finally able to see and play at the famous “Villages” – The Villages, FL.  It was just last week that Brian Williams of the NBC Nightly News shared The Villages’ pickleball “secret”.  It was obvious these Floridians love their pickleball, and I can’t wait get in on the action. Over 140 courts –  are you serious?  Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing all, and The Villages is only my first stop…

Flashback, my first and last visit to Florida for pickleball was the February 2013 Naples tournament.. I was lucky enough to partner with Lydia and Phil and we had a blast;  great play, great fun and new friends. Looking forward to seeing you all again!

3 comments on “On my way to Florida”

  1. Hello Jen,
    We miss you already…Rachel has mentioned several times that she wishes you were here!
    Well, I just ordered not just one Flirt Skirt…but TWO! You were the bell of the ball the other day! When I wear it I will think of you!
    Hope you are having a wonderful time.
    Jodi 🙂

    1. Hi Jodi,

      How are you and Robert doing? I saw where you had a wonderful time with the Queen of Pickleball in Florida. Isn’t she a fantastic player? Marsha and I miss you guys very much. Hopefully, we will see you guys on the court somewhere along the line.
      Until then, keep on pickling.



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