Welcome new contributor to my blog – Justin Rodgers!

I am excited to have Justin join me in educating all the passionate pickleball players near and far. Justin will bring his expertise to you, touching on all topics that he deals with daily as a licensed Physical Therapist for over 17 years. He lives in one of the biggest hot spots for pickleball and many of his clients are also pickleball addicts. He plays pickleball several times a week and I have had the pleasure of teaming up with him in tournaments.  Justin will share his knowledge on preventing and resolving the most common injuries that pickleball players endure. Click here to read more about Justin.

justin rodgers

Stay tuned – good stuff from him coming very soon!  Welcome Justin!


1 thought on “Welcome new contributor to my blog – Justin Rodgers!”

  1. Right on and love it. Will look forward to seeing you and Alex in Ogden. I have even started playing a little. You guys look wonderful by the way. Have fun and stay safe

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