Winner of Paddletek’s Tempest Paddle

Do you remember entering the Giveaway for Paddletek’s newest paddle – the Tempest?               If so, thanks! Drum roll please………

Congratulations to Karen Pallon for being the winner!

Via email today Karen shared that she recently moved to a new town in Florida and is helping to get pickleball started there (yahoo to that!).  Karen also plays in Vero Beach, Satellite Beach, and South Beach Community Center, FL. She sent me this photo of the group she played with today. So if you know Karen or play at those pickleball venues, make sure you say hi and check out her new, shiny FREE paddle!   Woohoo!

Giveaway winner

Here was the Giveaway started July 18!

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    1. There were so many people there that night. I wish we could have gotten everyone in the picture. There was so much going on. It was so much fun playing with you. I will see you again Wednesday!

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